Giving Thanks!

This time of the year I start looking back and reflecting on the past months.

I think back to where I have traveled and the sweet people I have met along the way.

OH this blog and where it has taken me!

Along my journeys, I have met the most adorable women ever.

One of those sweet peeps I had the pleasure to meet was Kristi.

She is the beautiful brain behind CreativeKristi.

You may recognize her..

She designed Haven's site and also was one of the presenters at the conference.

You may remember when I blogged about it here.

Kristi blew my socks off with her knowledge about sites and HTMLs and making your blog pretty and how to keep people from picture snatching and explained Word press and making your blog pretty and did I mention..

Making your blog pretty!

She does that!

She didn't design mine but did help me change out my blog header pictures.

Thank you Kristi

A new look for me is in the works.

Here are just two examples of her awesome talents


What I love most about Kristi is, she is a Military wife and Mom of 2.

When she is not homeschooling or being in Mommie mode she designs blogs!

And what touched my heart the most, she makes time for you.

This is not a paid post nor does she even know I'm writing about her.

I just wanted to say "thank you Kristi"

Thank you for giving of yourself and making a sweet difference in our blog world!

And for those of you wanting to pretty up your blog, visit Kristi

She may just have the new look you have been dreaming of.

In giving thanks,
xoxox Susie


  1. I love your header! I have been thinking of changing my blog design...I will keep Kristi in mind.


  2. Oh. my. gosh. you are just amazing! I'm all teary-eyed over here! Thank you so much for the sweet post!! :) I don't even know what to say--thank you! :) xoxo


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