Feeling Christmasey?

After our tummies were stuffed full of turkey,

we headed for our family photo shoot.

My Dad's old barn posed as the perfect prop.

Taking seasonal family photos is like having a root canal done ...

my family complains.

They moan. They groan.

But after the last shot has been snapped,

they eagerly await the results.

It usually erupts into huge bouts of laughter and finger pointing...ha ha.

Now picking out the perfect card is just as much fun!

Allow me to share my new favorite site..

They make picking out your family cards a breeze.

All you do is download your favorite image here

and in just seconds you can see your photo in every card!

This awesome feature helps find the perfect design for your favorite picture.

No more cut off heads or worrying if the words will cover someones face LOL

Now the hard part... picking just one...or two..

Oh my ..

Oh my...

I think this one below sums up my year..


Minted doesn't stop at Christmas cards...

They are so much more!!

I know!!

Now that your pulse is racing and you can't wait to check em out...

there is more...

Paper straws!!!!

That's it.

Tie me up in tinsel and string

I'm. In. Love!

 Fa la la la...

Do you have that perfect picture in mind?

Card shopping has never been so easy and fun!

Thank you Minted!

xo Susie

Minted compensated me for this post but the opinions and pure joy... All mine!


  1. ok....just ordered my cards from here!! Kinda pricey, but cute and easy!! Hope they turn out great!! Thanks for the post!


  2. Cute pictures! Will make darling cards.


  3. Great photos. It is always agony getting family photos taken, isn't it.

  4. Such great photos! I will check out the card site.

  5. really cute...I will check them out. May have to get you to take our pics.

  6. Love your choices, it would be hard to pick :)

  7. I love this time of year! It's so fun :-)


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