A "lil" chevron love

Not that I didn't have enough on my plate, I decide to take on a huge project.

Why must I do this to myself?

You see, it all started when I had this really cute idea.

Then I was asked to join a Holiday Home Tour.

So you know I had to fill that empty wall above my bed.

I mean.. I couldn't have all of you over with a huge plain wall...


So this morning I decided to do a DIY and I made it through the very first step.

I cut a circle...haha..

Then I started trying to make a chevron pattern.

It may have just brought me to tears..i know.

So after many attempts and hissy fits, I gave up on the DIY pictures and trying to make my own pattern.

Just to save you some tears and hissy fits..

You can find some awesome patterns here

Once I found a pattern that worked..I was in a roll!

It took me pretty much the whole ding dong day but I gotta it done.

Will I ever do another?

It's not likely but I'm sure one of my kids could talk me into it..

in about 3 years LOL.

As soon as I can see the light with my sign orders, I will try and work up a DIY for y'all.

That is if anyone is interested :)

It's not hard,
it's just time consuming..

Speaking of time, I better get my bootie in gear


xoxo Susie


  1. Susie - It looks great! Why do we creative people always dream up things to do at the last minute? I think it's a common trait amongst us.


  2. Susie,

    It's YOU! And what a find on the pillow.. did missy make this for you??

    Thanks for the link on the patterns too.

    hugs and kisses this season

    Cotton Peony

  3. Wow - gorgeous -- love it!!!

  4. Love, love, love! Hope all is well! Christmas blessings to you this season!


  5. I Love it....Happy, Happy, Happy...I am doing something with chevron tomorrow....we will see what happens.....39 days to Miss America....


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