A "lil" chevron love

Not that I didn't have enough on my plate, I decide to take on a huge project.

Why must I do this to myself?

You see, it all started when I had this really cute idea.

Then I was asked to join a Holiday Home Tour.

So you know I had to fill that empty wall above my bed.

I mean.. I couldn't have all of you over with a huge plain wall...


So this morning I decided to do a DIY and I made it through the very first step.

I cut a circle...haha..

Then I started trying to make a chevron pattern.

It may have just brought me to tears..i know.

So after many attempts and hissy fits, I gave up on the DIY pictures and trying to make my own pattern.

Just to save you some tears and hissy fits..

You can find some awesome patterns here

Once I found a pattern that worked..I was in a roll!

It took me pretty much the whole ding dong day but I gotta it done.

Will I ever do another?

It's not likely but I'm sure one of my kids could talk me into it..

in about 3 years LOL.

As soon as I can see the light with my sign orders, I will try and work up a DIY for y'all.

That is if anyone is interested :)

It's not hard,
it's just time consuming..

Speaking of time, I better get my bootie in gear


xoxo Susie

Holiday Housewalk


I could not wait a minute longer to spill the beans..

Jennifer Rizzo is having us all over for a Holiday Housewalk.

You are all invited to join us starting Monday.

Awww heck, you can even come on over in your favorite warm jammies.

You may just find me in mine LOL.

I hope you will join us at Jennifer's Monday for a full week of inspiring homes and fun surprises.

And for those of you needing a little Christmas inspiration before then,

check out last years tour..

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...


Feeling Christmasey?

After our tummies were stuffed full of turkey,

we headed for our family photo shoot.

My Dad's old barn posed as the perfect prop.

Taking seasonal family photos is like having a root canal done ...

my family complains.

They moan. They groan.

But after the last shot has been snapped,

they eagerly await the results.

It usually erupts into huge bouts of laughter and finger pointing...ha ha.

Now picking out the perfect card is just as much fun!

Allow me to share my new favorite site..

They make picking out your family cards a breeze.

All you do is download your favorite image here

and in just seconds you can see your photo in every card!

This awesome feature helps find the perfect design for your favorite picture.

No more cut off heads or worrying if the words will cover someones face LOL

Now the hard part... picking just one...or two..

Oh my ..

Oh my...

I think this one below sums up my year..


Minted doesn't stop at Christmas cards...

They are so much more!!

I know!!

Now that your pulse is racing and you can't wait to check em out...

there is more...

Paper straws!!!!

That's it.

Tie me up in tinsel and string

I'm. In. Love!

 Fa la la la...

Do you have that perfect picture in mind?

Card shopping has never been so easy and fun!

Thank you Minted!

xo Susie

Minted compensated me for this post but the opinions and pure joy... All mine!


I just wanted to pop in and wish all of you a

Happy Thanksgiving.

xoxox Susie and family

Cafe' Du Monde

I love when people ask for a sign where I can represent.

Our State that is..

Nothing says New Orleans like Cafe' Du Monde?

Not long ago I visited the busy city and had the pleasure of enjoying some of its goodness.

I brought home a paper hat...

and there was my sign :)

I always say I will make myself one...one day

but this sign ..

I will so be making myself one asap!

It measures approx.
33" x 11"

Hand painted on pine and aged just right!

If you would like a little taste of New Orleans for your home,

email me here

I would love to make one for you too!

xoxo Susie

Country Living

Country Living.com asked 9 bloggers to share an instagram shot of their favorite spot to relax.

Well....here's mine.

You can see the other 8 cozy spots here.

Now that it's getting colder, I just might even light a fire.

please stay cold please stay cold..

Now if I only had time to enjoy it LOL..

No worries though...

Heidi is always happy to keep my spot warm :)

Do you have a favorite cozy spot in your home?

xoxox Susie

Giving Thanks!

This time of the year I start looking back and reflecting on the past months.

I think back to where I have traveled and the sweet people I have met along the way.

OH this blog and where it has taken me!

Along my journeys, I have met the most adorable women ever.

One of those sweet peeps I had the pleasure to meet was Kristi.

She is the beautiful brain behind CreativeKristi.

You may recognize her..

She designed Haven's site and also was one of the presenters at the conference.

You may remember when I blogged about it here.

Kristi blew my socks off with her knowledge about sites and HTMLs and making your blog pretty and how to keep people from picture snatching and explained Word press and making your blog pretty and did I mention..

Making your blog pretty!

She does that!

She didn't design mine but did help me change out my blog header pictures.

Thank you Kristi

A new look for me is in the works.

Here are just two examples of her awesome talents


What I love most about Kristi is, she is a Military wife and Mom of 2.

When she is not homeschooling or being in Mommie mode she designs blogs!

And what touched my heart the most, she makes time for you.

This is not a paid post nor does she even know I'm writing about her.

I just wanted to say "thank you Kristi"

Thank you for giving of yourself and making a sweet difference in our blog world!

And for those of you wanting to pretty up your blog, visit Kristi

She may just have the new look you have been dreaming of.

In giving thanks,
xoxox Susie

DIY cake hand towel

Have a few scraps and about 45 minutes to spare?

Make a couple of cake hand towels!

I first saw this sweet idea over at Julie's place.

She shared a wonderful DIY.


You will never want to leave her blog..trust me.

So here is my version :)

I cut a cake plate like hers using a piece of card stock.

I used it to cut out all of my fabric cake plates.

I cut 3 strips of this wonderful trim ruffle about 5 " each.

I ironed my cake stand onto my towel with some web.

Julie's DIY explains it all.

After it was ironed on, I zig zagged it on. FUN!!!

For the record...I am no pro and I'm sure you can spot my boo boos

but it was FUN!!

I think it was my favorite part of the whole project!

After I had my cake plate in place. I layered my cake fluff ribbon.

Julie had candles on top of hers..how cute!

I decided to put a cherry on top of this one.

For this one I made a ribbon rose.

You can find my DIY for ribbon roses here.

OK..I think I may be hooked on these!

Now I'm wanting to make a chocolate one like Julie's..

Oh these are so addicting..LOL

Happy crafting!

xoxo, Susie