Shine on

This morning was like every other morning.

Walk the dog. Feed the child. Get dressed.

Ordinary. Some may call it so.

Some may look past their blurry ordinary and long for more.

I don't.

I love excitement and frills as much as the next guy,

but ordinary...nothing compares.

And what I consider ordinary may be someones dream.

I read a quote the other day..

"The things you take for granted somebody else is praying for"

My ordinary doesn't seem so boring now.

In fact it's quit extraordinary!

Thank you Lord.

Thank you for my extraordinary ordinary!

My blurry mornings are just where I want to be.

Maddy's happy is tending to the neighbors horses.

Where's your happy?

xo Susie


  1. Your post really has me smiling this morning! Some days I just have to be jarred back into reality. Each day is special and just what you want to make of it. And what I want is pretty simple!

    Love your pictures, your front porch looks so cute and I love the shot of your daughter with the pony!


    1. Thank you Jane! Simple is oh so sweet :)

  2. My happy is here at home too. Always!

    Do you look at Susan Branch's blog?

    She talked about ordinary arts at home the other day. Love it.:)

    1. Hi Stacey! No, I don't think I have ever read Susan Branch's blog but I sure want to now. I'm heading that way now to check it out. Thanks!

  3. Contentment is such an amazing thing. It's when we know exactly how blessed we are. It's such an important thing to teach our children when they're begging for the next big thing.

    My happy is being able to be with family- and those ordinary days where we're not busy, and can just hang around the house are the best!

  4. Love this! Expecially that my ordinary may be what another is praying for. In fact, it is exactly what I always prayed for, but sometimes I forget that! Thanks for reminding me. Love your blog.

  5. I so needed this right now. Thank you.

  6. What a wonderful post! When my husband and I first started dating, he 'warned' me that he was very 'boring'. I found out that meant that he delights in the ordinary - just being home with family, not looking outward for excitement and meaning. Now, years later, I like to tell him how happy I am to have a 'boring' husband :-) Contentment and calm beats too much drama anyday!


    PS You reminded me of the movie "The Magic of Ordinary Days" or something like that - what a sweet gentle movie, I think I have to netflix that this weekend

  7. I love the quote! And it is so true, what we take for granted, others are praying for. A very good reminder.

  8. Myrna Kay, those were almost the exact words I was going to write! A very good reminder of what we are blessed with!
    Thank you Susan for sharing the quote (really hits home, doesn't it) and I do believe this has to be my favorite blog page from you! Of course I love each one, but this one is my favorite!

  9. So true! Thanks for the reminder!

  10. I'm baking this morning know I'm happy happy happy. Birthdays, weddings, pumpkin rolls. I've sworn that this holiday season will not be rushed, I'll be done Dec 1 so I CAN do the things I love....enjoy my family. Much love to you my dear friend. Coffee date soon


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