On the corner of..

On the corner of Poete and Jefferson stands a house.

Not just any house.

Take a closer look. Recognize it yet?

Maybe this will help stir your memory bank.

Guessed it yet?

If you guessed the house in Steel Magnolias....

you are correct!

Marc and I had the pleasure of stopping in our our way home from Oklahoma this weekend.

It was on the way and I cannot drive past this town and not stop.

just can't do it

It's that sweet!

For those of you wondering, the town is Natchitoches, Louisiana.

It has brick lined streets and shops to keep you coming back.

Not one inch of this town is unforgotten.

Have you fallen in love yet?

On main street they even have a real barbershop.

One of my best friend's Uncle owns it.

It was closed for Sunday.

This street runs right along side the Cane River.

This is where the Easter egg hunt scene went down in the movie.

Every time I visit here I vow to pack up and move. really!

The food is delish!

Sunday we ate here at the Landing and missed the seafood brunch by minutes.
Next time...we won't miss it!

Yes, the ferns are really that BIG!

Not to mention every little street is lined with at least one B&B.

I started making off my fav's..

for when I return .

My friend Julia from Hooked on Houses did and awesome post on the Steel Magnolia house.

You can read more about it here.

For those movie lovers out there...

Did you know they made a remake?

I love all of the new cast members but I'm just not sure if I want to change a thing.

Why mess with a classic?

Do you like remakes?

My only hope is that Queen Latifah loves blush and basheful as much as Shelby and I.

xo Susie


  1. I Loved that movie and saw it about a month ago and cried like it was the first time I saw it....Great Post!!!

  2. My favorite movie! Did you know it is based on a true story? It started out as a play written by her brother. While I don't know if all of the characters were real people in her life, Shelby was based on a woman named Susan. I think she died from complications following her son's birth around 1986. I'm sure you can google for details. I read an article in a woman's magazine (I can't remember which one) before seeing the movie. I think it also said that her husband remarried with in a year of her death. I kept the magazine for years because it really touched me but I think I finally threw it away. Wish I would have kept it.

    1. Thanks for sharing the info. I knew a little bit about the movie and love it do. Gosh I wish you would have kept that magazine too!

  3. How lovely! Just, if you don't mind- tell us phonetically, how to pronounce the name of the city! can't wait to see a barbershop sign in your futire! "Tonsorial services?" When I first saw that I thought- tonsils- ? NO WAY, but maybe back in the day barbers DID di that too? Looked it up online- no, it's not tonsils, but complete men's hair and grooming services. Lovely, lovely pics! Thanks for sharing!

  4. We always say "Nak-a-tish" with the emphasis on Nak. Such a pretty town and I've never been!! And it's not that far from us. Susie, for future information...what time is the Seafood Brunch at The Landing?

    1. Oh Susan! You should plan a trip there. You wont regret it one bit.

  5. What a lovely little town!
    I especially liked the barber sign...ha!!
    Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. Another for the Must Visit list!

  7. How fun! I had a teacher in high school who grew up there, and it always seemed so precious!

    1. How cool is that! If you are ever down this far south, stop by.

  8. Oh I love it! I can see why you would want to move there. The lampposts alone with the cornstalks and all are gorgeous!
    Kelly (Talk of the House)

    1. Don't you just love those lampposts!! I did too. Wish I had one in my yard.

  9. I have been to this town and I have taken some of the exact pictures that you took!! I just found your blog and am a new follower. Hugs, Shelly from shellybailey.blogspot.com

    1. Hi Shelly!
      Don't you just love this town? So glad you share my love for it.
      Thanks for becoming a new friend. Welcome aboard!

  10. Love the movie!! I agree....don't mess with a classic. I won't even entertain the thought of watching the remake. I'm a lover of blush & bashful, too!

    1. Just last night my husband told me..You know they made a remake of your favorite show? I knew just what he was talking about :)

  11. we have an upcoming trip to LA and now I feel the need for a stop here! Thank you for sharing! Beautiful!

    1. Oh please stop there if you get the chance. You will fall deeply in love too!

  12. I love Natchitoches. My husband and I got married at the Landing. We also lived just around the corner from the Steel Magnolia house on Cypress Avenue. Cane River is beautiful, and even more so during the Christmas season. Fireworks every weekend from Thanksgiving through January 1st. The Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts can't be beat either.

  13. Awww, I love that movie. I think the first time I saw it was when I was 10. Loved it so much, I named our first son Jaxon(different spelling) One of my favorites =) Looks like a gorgeous place.

  14. There's a bust of my great great great great great (x? great times 10 or 11?) grandfather there, I think near where one of your photos was taken, St. Denis. http://natchitoches1714.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/image_bust_st_denis_rs.jpg

  15. Whoops I went back and looked, just 7th great. Kinda fun trivia.

  16. I haven't been on your blog in what seems forever...and this is what I find!! I LOVE it...my girlfriend took me to the Steel Magnolia house about 15 years ago...you brought back such great memories.
    Laurie @ pride in photos

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