Oklahoma love~

This past weekend we took a little road trip.

Not sure why I tagged it little, having to drive 11 1/2 hours.

Have Mercy!

But can I say it was so worth it!

Our hotel was an historic landmark and boy was it nice!

(fuzzy instagram photos) sorry.

I fell hard for this bed..so comfy.

And the cute swirls on the furniture..I know!

I loved how they were modern yet keeping in touch with their history. Sweet!

Now this was the kicker..

Every where you looked, they had things monogrammed just for me!

I really wish they hadn't gone to all that trouble. geez

down to my plush shower curtain..

yes, I will go there.

The bathroom was a tad nice too ;)

Of course we didn't drive clear to OK just for the hotel.

There was a wedding to attend.

My husband's best friend from grade school thru college was getting married.


Matthew was the first person I met from Marc's side of the family. love him!

He just married the sweetest girl ever. love her!

Not to mention her taste in flowers,

I knew we would be friends :)

To say we enjoyed our little getaway...

would be an understatement.

And the topping on the cake..

While on our journey home we passed a roadside farmers market.

My trunk was full.

My love tank overflowed.

My emails are calling...

xo Susie


  1. You didn't take that shower curtain home with you, did you??? :)

    1. Oh Miss Sheila.. you have no idea how bad I wanted it hehe. Thank goodness my Momma raised me right. I do however want to buy one just like it now and have it monogrammed.. LOL

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  3. Welcome to Oklahoma!! Where did you go to in OK? Next time, set aside an extra day to play, OK?


    1. We went to Oklahoma City. It was so pretty! Next time I will have to look you up if I'm in your neck of the woods. I would love to meet you!

  4. So glad you enjoyed your stay in our City. Hope you got to flavor a bit of "Bricktown"....Love the pumpkins on the roadside farmers market. :)

    1. loved Bricktown! Has me wanting to go back soon :)

  5. Hope you enjoyed your stay at the Skirvin Hotel in OKC!! :)
    We love our little city and happy to hear you did too. Come back anytime! Love your blog !!!

    1. I love your little city too. We need to plan a fun get together there. Looks like a lot of my friends are from your neck of the woods LOl

  6. It looks like I'm not your only Oklahoma fan! Apparently you could have met up with quite a few of us! Did you happen to see Effie? (She's the ghost at the Skirvin. That is where all the NBA teams stay when they come to play in OKC. Many swear they have seen or heard her!) I only live 20 minutes from the Skirvin...Wish I would have known. I would have been your welcome wagon! Glad you enjoyed our fair state. Lori Lucas

    1. I missed Effie thank goodness... Oh my gosh I had no idea. I'm glad I learned about this after my stay LOL. I would love to meet all of y'all. We will have to plan a get together there again. Maybe y'all can all come down here too!

  7. Nice Art Deco look, reminds me of the 20's and the deep colors to boot.

    I'm soooo glad you had a great time and it looks like you have tons of great ideas brewing in your head for the weeks to come!!! I forsee a sign with pumpkins and other goodies. I'd love one to hang on my front porch!

    warm hugs,

    Cotton Peony

  8. What a great time away! I LOVE road trips!

  9. Should have asked if they'd sell you a shower curtain like that. You both look wonderful sitting there.

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