Meet Molly!

Meet Molly!

Isn't she the sweetest thing?

I'm trying out some new ideas and so far I'm loving them.

I wanted this sign to look a bit like worn linen.

Molly measures 24" x 24"

I think this sweet girl would fit nicely anywhere.

I think I love her!

This shot below is showing her a with grey undertones but shes more linen.

Although, you can order her in any color you like.

If you just fell in love with Molly too...

You can order her here at 

Just ask for Molly!

She is 115.00 and that includes shipping within the US


  1. I love her!! This is my absolute favorite of any of your signs. SO pretty!

  2. I'm a cow lover from waaaaaaaaaaay back!
    Love her!

    1. You too? I have been a cow lover back from the 80's LOL.

    2. susie.. I still can't get my reply button to work.. yep I installed chrome and updated everything .. but nadda. rats.

    3. It worked for me in google chrome but I really don't like to use it for anything else. I will just keep my internet explorer as my default and go back n forth. I don't even make sense to myself right now. LOL. Sorry you could not get yours to work. It's so Ugh!!! LOL

  3. She is a sweetie. Reminds me of Elsie the cow.

  4. Replies
    1. hi missypoo! Big hugs to you!

      Cotton aka Olivia

    2. Looking forward to dinner at your house. Miss you Miss!

  5. I love this! Could you change the farm name and add a horse instead of cow? I'll add it to my Christmas list :)

    1. I would love to paint this up for you. Email me and we can chat more about it. Thanks!

  6. Great cow there Susie Q! Moo Meadows was the farm next to me when I was growing up. I so loved the fresh milk and butter was made daily from it!

    Thanks for making a great sign and bringing back memories.


    Cotton Peony

    1. Ohh sounds like good times there. I have never tasted fresh milk before nor ever milked a cow. Two things I must add to my bucket list.

  7. beautiful images. Creative blog really inspires me. bravo!

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