Homecoming 2012

This past week has been crazy!

Crazy in like my computer crashed and my daughter had homecoming week... crazy!

Even in all the crazy.. I try and find the beauty in everything.

My computer died  =  I had more time with my girl!

After an undefeated season, we lost our HC game in the last 30 seconds.


We had to press on though and get a girl ready!

After the game, it all comes down to hair and dress anyway
(from a girls point of view) haha.

braids braids everywhere!

Thanks Hunger Games...I'm loving them!

She had planned this day for months..

Thanks Kaylee for helping out with the makeup ;)

Because Maddy is middle school, she doesn't date.

But she has some of the sweetest friends I know.

A group of them met up at our house for pictures.

This was her escort, Cade.

He just happens to be the son of one of my sweet friends.

Aren't they cute!!

He was so polite and sweet!

His Mom and I hung around at the dance for a bit.

Moms can do that in middle school ;)

After the dance our group went to a little restaurant for some food and fun!

I think the kids had more fun than food.

Not sure what Maddy was doing here..ha!

After our busy week, Saturday morning we did nothing...

We stayed in bed watching Ichabod Crane eating the last of our cookie cake and cucumbers and dip.

Hope your week was crazy wonderful too!

xo Susie


  1. She is just beautiful - love the braid! My son is in middle school, but we don't do Homecoming until high school, which is good since my son needs a few more years of "polishing."

  2. They are adorable! Her dress and hair were so cute. Our Homecoming is this week and it's already crazy around Small Town U.S.A.!

    1. Hi Mrs H! Hope y'all have a crazy wonderful week too!

  3. So pretty and growing up too. Love the braids!

  4. Well Maddy looked so down to earth over the weekend, regardless of the hair doo hall of fame going on. All in all with the girls and friends alike around for each other, that's the bond that gets them through college and keeps with them for many years to come.

    Very nice special family time you shared Susie.. thanks!

    Cotton Peony

    1. I could not agree with you more. Friends are the best. Guess thats why I love blogging so much! I love you guys~

  5. She is so pretty and growing up sp fast - right under our eyes!


  6. Maddy looks beautiful... I didn't know we had Homecoming in Middle School!! Oh Lawd - I'm in trouble!!

  7. Maddy is a true beauty. I've been so disenchanted with the dresses that young girls are wearing recently as they appear to be playing dress up in "big girl" dresses that just do not fit where they truly are in their lives. I just wanted to say that Maddy's dress is perfect! It's sophisticated and grown up (what all the young girls seem to want to do...too quickly) and yet flirty and young and the same time. Perfection!


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