I am fearfully & wonderfully made!

I can't help but to laugh every time I see this painting.

It's so "US"

I painted it last night and finished it up today.

Thought it would look cute hanging in Maddy's bathroom.

For some odd reason, I have flashbacks of our past family photo sessions.

I would love to say they have gotten better over the years...

They have not.

They just keep getting funnier.. LOL?

Having three kids, ya just don't know what you'll get.

Last year I wasn't up for the challenge of a "family photo"

I'm so sorry now I didn't.

That year will never come back.

So no matter the amount of fuss and groans from the peanut section...

Family photos must go on!

xoxo Susie

This kid...

He is turning 22 today.

Not only has he made me a MOM,

he has given me 22 years of joy and laughter.

So Saturday we celebrated his special day early.

Kaylee came along 23 months later and they have been quite the duo.. LOL

Then our sweet Maddy joined along 10 years later.

I'm a blessed MOM!

How can he be 22?

I mean I'm still trying to get rid of that "baby weight"..LOL 

I pray they never tire of our kiddie traditions.

I'm finding they are enjoying them more now than ever!

Blasie getting his carve on..

Shelby .. Jesse's sweetie. love her

Missy and Kay

And just a snap of our crazy!

Maddy's peacock pumpkin

Kay's pumpkin trio

Shelby's EEK and Jesse's Bone collectors pumpkin

and last but not least..

Blaise's pumpkin ghost.

Hope your day is special Jess.

Happy birthday..

love, MOM

Boxwood Heaven!

While running errands to Lowe's today I ran across this boxwood wreath!

So many of you have asked about my square one below.

I bought it years ago in my favorite boutique in Baton Rouge called "The Royal Standard".

It was pricey but I had to have it.

So when I spotted this sweet round one for 35.00 at Lowes...

you guessed it!

It had to come home with me.

It's the real deal y'all.

Preserved boxwood!

Not plastic nor silk.

The real thing baby~

Just in case your heart is beating and you are looking for your keys...

Look for this box.

It's an Allen + Roth.. now go.. hurry..

oh wait!

I must warn you.

You will want more than one. I promise.

I stopped at one but I'm so wanting to go back for more.

You just never know when one must need an extra..you know?

And yes, that's a bite mark out of my faux pear.

Compliments of Maddy years ago.

I have to giggle now.. oh the sweet memories.

ok. I'm done.

Hope you can snag yours before there gone.

xoxox Susie

Love Letters

Love letters.

Nothing compares to a sweet thought out note.

I don't know what I love the most.

Giving or receiving.

I could sit for hours and read the love letters my Grandpa mailed my Grandma.

He was in the service and they were young. sigh

I still believe there is nothing like a sweet love letter to hold onto.

To reread. To fall in love again. To cherish.

I wanted my sweetie to feel that love everyday.

So I painted him my love letter.

Love letters never get old.

This one measures 14" x 16 1/2"
hand painted on birch and aged just right. timeless.

Cost of sign is 38.00 plus 15.00 US shipping.
This price includes up to 6 lines.
If you should go over, we can discuss further

Want your love letter painted?

email me at susanh@eatel

What would yours say?

xoxo Susie

Shine on

This morning was like every other morning.

Walk the dog. Feed the child. Get dressed.

Ordinary. Some may call it so.

Some may look past their blurry ordinary and long for more.

I don't.

I love excitement and frills as much as the next guy,

but ordinary...nothing compares.

And what I consider ordinary may be someones dream.

I read a quote the other day..

"The things you take for granted somebody else is praying for"

My ordinary doesn't seem so boring now.

In fact it's quit extraordinary!

Thank you Lord.

Thank you for my extraordinary ordinary!

My blurry mornings are just where I want to be.

Maddy's happy is tending to the neighbors horses.

Where's your happy?

xo Susie

Homecoming 2012

This past week has been crazy!

Crazy in like my computer crashed and my daughter had homecoming week... crazy!

Even in all the crazy.. I try and find the beauty in everything.

My computer died  =  I had more time with my girl!

After an undefeated season, we lost our HC game in the last 30 seconds.


We had to press on though and get a girl ready!

After the game, it all comes down to hair and dress anyway
(from a girls point of view) haha.

braids braids everywhere!

Thanks Hunger Games...I'm loving them!

She had planned this day for months..

Thanks Kaylee for helping out with the makeup ;)

Because Maddy is middle school, she doesn't date.

But she has some of the sweetest friends I know.

A group of them met up at our house for pictures.

This was her escort, Cade.

He just happens to be the son of one of my sweet friends.

Aren't they cute!!

He was so polite and sweet!

His Mom and I hung around at the dance for a bit.

Moms can do that in middle school ;)

After the dance our group went to a little restaurant for some food and fun!

I think the kids had more fun than food.

Not sure what Maddy was doing here..ha!

After our busy week, Saturday morning we did nothing...

We stayed in bed watching Ichabod Crane eating the last of our cookie cake and cucumbers and dip.

Hope your week was crazy wonderful too!

xo Susie