We're ok..

Something about a hurricane just brings out the redneck in me LOL.

Although we had no power, we made do.

I hung sheets in the doorways as makeshift doors.

It helps to hold in the cooler air ;)

We cooled one room only with this lil guy thanks to a generator.

I love this picture above.

It reminds me of so many things.

Paper and colors for entertainment.love

Flashlight, rain jacket, beach towel and a blueberry Goosecreek candle.

We were covered!

After days on end, I just gave up the fight for a clean house. LOL

We just sat back and watched the water rise.

 Oh and we ate...a lot!

We lost only one tree this storm.

Thank goodness it was not one of my live oaks!

Because of the rising water, we had to hold back on the cleanup.

So we made the best of it..

and "rowed" with it.


Maddy's new "friend"  Nathan from down the street came over.

Too sweet!

And Maddy's bestie from across the street joined in the fun too.

People wonder why we stay in a place where disasters strike.

We stay because it's home.

It's our life.

It pulls neighborhoods together helping one another.

Just good people.

So as the water slowly crept back to her swamp and power was restored...

I too was restored.

In church, I gave thanks to God for His mercies.

I thanked Him for our community and your prayers.

A friend posted this quote this morning..

God doesn't give us faith so we can avoid trouble. He gives us faith so we can be steady and stable when we go through it.

Thank you...

xoxox Susie


  1. Susie,
    Wonderful pictures. So glad you all are safe and I love thankful hearts!

  2. You made the best of a scary situation. I'm so glad your family is ok. :)

  3. What a sweet post, brought tears to my eyes. So glad you and your family are safe. Looks like it was quite an adventure.

  4. SO sorry you had to deal with this... but so much of life is about 'dealing' with things, isn't it? At least you are all safe and therein lies what is important.

  5. I love how you handled this crisis...with a little common sense and humor! Love the kids kayaking. When life gives you lemons...

    Have a great week!


  6. Hi Susie! Oh, that was a good quote and so true. You're one little tough cookie! I'm sorry you had to go through this. I know about these hurricanes! I was just hoping that old Isaac would just 'poof' away and not hurt any place. Our God is so faithful and I'm praising Him with you!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Susie - So glad to hear from you and know that you all were ok. The kids sure seem to be enjoying the time.


  8. Glad you all are ok. It was either going to hit us or you guys. I would have liked for it to have just gone away. haha. After last year I can do without anymore hurricanes - ever. Looks like the kids had fun though!

  9. Glad you and yours are okay. What a great attitude you have!

  10. Susie,
    I am so thankfiul the water didn't reach your house and your live oaks are intact.

    Your post made me think of the yellow sign on your side bar.
    "Every little thing is gonna be alright" and I am so glad it was!

  11. Happy to hear you are all okay - I prayed for you.
    I get the heebie jeebies watching the kids' run through that "swamp water" & hope there are NO snakes swimming along side them.

  12. Love reading about your life and so greatful that you guys are all ok. Looks like you made the best of it. :)

  13. So glad y'all are okay and you have power again!

  14. phew! Glad you made it through alright!

  15. Happy you and your family are safe and on the other side of the rash of Issacc. Leave it to our kids to find a bit of fun in the midst of it all!

  16. Been praying for you...so glad you're doing ok! Faith...steady & stable....AMEN!

  17. Susie,
    I live in coastal Texas and survived hurricane Ike.
    I always say the same thing when others ask me how I can stand living where hurricanes may hit. Well, I love my home, the ocean and my community.
    And hurricanes are WAY better than tornados. At least we know they're coming!!
    Glad you're family is safe!

  18. Glad ya'll are ok!

  19. I'm so glad all is well.
    Thanks for sharing your pics.
    Sure does make us think about the things we sweat over on a daily basis.
    Hope clean up isn't too hard on you all.
    Take care,

  20. Glad to see you're all okay and dealt with it the best way you could.. glad there was not a lot of damage.

  21. I was away and couldn't follow the news on the storm. I live in Florida and wouldn't dream of leaving because we have storms. It's just part of our life. I love your outlook on life. I also love your blog and dream of having your talent.

  22. Hey girl! so glad you posted that you all made it through. Was getting worried about you.
    We were all ready for Isaac here in Baton Rouge. We had lots of wind and rain. Thankfully we never lost power...and AMEN to your scripture you posted!

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