Give us this day..

Have you ever had something that you loved so much you hoarded it?

Like "tucked away for that perfect day" kinda hoard?

Well that was me with these boards below.

Oh the pictures do them no justice.

They are the chippest, most perfect color and size boards you ever did see!!

The picture was awful because I was holding back like 73 women from snatching em all up.


I have had these darlings sense was back from the Country living fair in Texas.

Too long.

The color here is really a robins eggs blue over a coat of rustic red.

Now you see why I have hoarded them for so long.

You just don't come by these babes often.

So I stacked them in the corner of my art room.

Every day I passed them. loved them. cherished them.HOARDED them!


My excuse was I wanted the perfect saying for them.

I came across a verse that pierced my heart.

"Don't store up treasures here on earth, where moths eat them and rust destroys them, and where thieves break in and steal.  matthew 6:19

I was hanging onto treasures here on Earth, even if it was just chippy old wood.

So I painted.

Now "We" can all enjoy and give thanks.

Oh why did I wait so long?

One of the things I loved most about these boards, the backside is perfect too!

Here is a shot of the back...I know.. 

I'm thinking about painting something for Christmas on the back.

2 for 1 ;)

I have 6 pieces left...oh my.

On another note..

I thought I would share an update on Sweet Sedona.

They had to hold off on her surgery due to an infection.

She has been treated and they are hoping to move ahead this week.

I will keep you posted and I just wanted to thank you all again.

It was so sweet how you came forth with prayers and donations for her.

We picked a winner.

"Leslie" could you please contact me so I can gather your info.

Thank you thank you thank you!

xo Susie


  1. Do you worry about those old boards having lead based paint? If so, how do you handle that? I have an old grocery case in my basement that needs a redo, but I am concerned about the paint.

  2. Hi Cherryl! You brought up a very good point about lead paint. It is harmful if you breath in the dust or ingest the paint. I made sure to not sand or disturb the paint in any form. Because it is hanging up high on a wall, I have no worries of a child getting anything into their mouths. i would not recommend having anything with lead paint where a child could come into contact with it nor would I sand it. If left alone, you should be fine.
    hope this helps some.

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  4. They are gorgeous! You could always hang them with eye hooks in the top, in a door way or at ceiling height, so you could see both sides. You just can't beat authentic chippiness and age.

  5. Loved the boards, the soft blue side and the chipped red side.

    I wonder how they would look vertical as a front door post greeting board . . .

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