Coop Sittin'

We are coop sittin' for a bit. don't ya just love it?!

My sister and brother n law sold their home so we moved all weekend.

This sweet treat found its way here.

Not for keeps but I'm sure gonna enjoy it!

While they are busy building their new home, I could start a chicken ranch. dreaming

Or maybe doves?

It's just too cute of a cage to be empty.

Hunny says no birds.

no doves.

no monkey.. yes, I asked.

So I guess that leaves just a coop.

At least no poop..LOL

I'm getting kinda excited too..

maybe just maybe

They will build their new home next to us.

Oh how I hope this will come true.

I would love for us to be neighbors!

We shared a room for 18 years.

I miss her.

Maddy asked for a peacock.

Hunny didn't say no to that. Hmmm??

Anyone ever raise a peacock?

I'm loving it even if its just for a season.

Even if its empty.

Cause I know when it finds its new home, it may be just right next door.




  1. Ooooh, so many possibilities. Can't wait to see who comes to live there.

  2. Susie,

    Please give Missy a big hug as I know she wasn't happy since certain things developed and I am sooooooo excited that she sold the home!!!! I keep telling that girl to call me, but I know she's busy.

    Oh, mmmm... rabbit hutch or ducks would be nice in there.

    big hugs for helping Missy move too!

    warm hugs,
    Cotton Peony

  3. I say rabbits. Peacock poop is the size of hotdogs and unlike dogs, they can't be trained to go in a certain area. Also they can sound like a woman screaming when they squeal. Our neighbors were inspired to get peacocks after a trip to Charleston, SC. The romance of peacocks was extremely short lived!

  4. Ohhh Lindy! Thanks for the heads up. Don't think Peacocks will be a good idea cause we love our neighbors. LOL. Miss Cotton.. I will pass the love on to missy. She has been so busy and would love to know that you are thinking about her.

  5. was just saying to my husband that we really need to get chickens soon. and here id this post, reminding me to put that plan into action!

  6. My sister (and bff) lives only two streets away in our subdivision and we like it that way. We lived together and shared first a bedroom and then an apartment until we both married 20 and 21 years ago. Hoping your sister lives close enough for frequent visits.

  7. Love the coop....I can't wait to see what you dream up for it. :)

  8. Maybe bantam chickens? They are so fun to watch!

  9. I have never raised a peacock but I am a born and raised PEACOCK . . . does that count?

  10. I've had chickens, peacocks, doves and even rabbit's. I would say go for the chickens. They are relatively low maintenance compared to the others. The larger the bird, the bigger (and stinkier) their poop. We loved our rabbit's too but for some reason, they always seemed like a ton of work for the return. Gathering my chicken eggs everyday seems like getting a present. Plus, the gentle clucking and cooing of contented chickens is a heavenly sound to hear!

  11. oh i want that chicken coop,, my chickens need a new home. I lived across the street from my oldest sister for almost 19 years..I've been gone from there for about 6 and I still miss being that close,, even though i see and talk to her all the time still.
    Sure hope it works out for your sister to be your new neighbor.

  12. Actually, I was adoring these beautiful peacock feathers my bro and sis-in-law had in a I asked about them. Turns out by bro-in-law was so fed up with their peacock's constant noise, that early one morning...they shot it. Kept the feathers. In the vase. True story! Thought you'd want to know, just in case. LOL

  13. Just look at the pretty empty coop. You will like it better that way. =] you could put a couple of fake chickens in for atmosphere.

  14. My aunt had a peacock when we were growing up. First, it chased away strangers. lol.

    Second, I could stand on our porch (down the road, across the street) and yell PPPPPEEEEEAAAACCOOOOCCCCKKKKK and it would call back to me. It was hilarious.

    She bought it a mate but fox got them both. She bought another later but it left home. I miss the stupid things. :)

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