Blessings N Birthdays

For some reason this birthday felt different in every way.

One.. I could not wrap my brain around the fact that my girl turned 20.

It just felt weird. I was married at that age have mercy!

I wanted to absorb every second of her day.

Even if that meant instagram pictures versus my camera,

and the floors not being freshly mopped.

No regrets and thank goodness.

Not one person complained that the salad was forgotten
 and half the decorations were never hung.

It was just a day of loving on her!

and cake ;)

Her birthday dinner of choice.

We have about 830 left over.

Anyone hungry?

I think I'm liking these no fuss just family/friends birthdays.

Not to mention the weather was just perfect!

Normally this time of year we are all crammed inside due to the heat.

I don't think we ever made it inside..haha

Maddy made her sister the sweetest little string bracelets.

I'm not sure if they know it just yet, but one day they will be best friends.

As the party ended and the guest said their goodbyes...

Kay helped me put the house back in order.

My kids are the greatest gifts ever received.

And when I read this on Istagram..

I knew...

We are blessed beyond measure!


  1. Oh, Susie, this is so sweet!! Your daughter is beautiful, both inside and out!! Happy Birthday to Kay Lee!!

  2. KAYLEE a beautiful reflection of love. It's so kind of you to share her birthday story and bless our hearts as well!

  3. Happy 20th to Kaylee!
    Looks like it was just perfect!
    Blessings for the year ahead!

  4. They grow up so fast (but we stay the same!). I know Kaylee had a wonderful birthday, the pretty decorations are only outmatched by the smiles on your faces! Thanks so much for sharing this special day!


  5. Happy Birthday Kaylee! What a beautiful young lady.

  6. Happy Birthday Kay Lee.
    .I know you are very proud of her, and you have a reason to be :)

  7. Happy Birthday Kay Lee.
    .I know you are very proud of her, and you have a reason to be :)

  8. Happy belated birthday Kay.. sometimes the best memories are the ones we didnt make ourself crazy over getting ready for.

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