A Giveaway for Sedona!

My sweet nephew and his girlfriend Jenny are about the cutest couple I have ever known.

My heart broke when I found out their sweet Sedona was in need of surgery.

If you are an animal lover like me than you will understand.

I would go to the ends of the Earth for my Heidi.

Well, sweet Sedona has been bleeding from her nose for the past 2 months.

She is in need of surgery to the tune of 2,300.00

You can read more of her story here.

So how can you help?

Enter to win my "Every little thing" sign.

For every dollar you donate here I will add your name to the giveaway. 

So by helping this precious couple and their beloved Sedona,

you can be entered to win this sign below.

To enter to just click here and make your donation for a $1.00 or more.

Make sure to leave "every little thing is gonna be alright" in the comment section on Sedona's help page.

This way I will make sure your name is added to the giveaway.

Thank you thank you thank you!!

xoxox Susie


  1. I donated $10 but forgot to put "every little thing is gonna be alright" in the comment section

  2. Hi Kathy, Thank you!
    I will make sure to add your name in the hat. Thanks again to everyone that has entered. What a blessing you are :)

  3. what a great cause! you are a sweetie!

  4. Hi Susie! Is your husband hanging his head in shame like our whole state? :( It is hard being a Hog fan! haha!

  5. Hoping the best for Sedona and her family!

  6. Aww, I went to the site to donate but it looks like they made the goal! Yay! I really wanted to donate because Sedona looks EXACTLY like my Jonathan. He is so precious to us and we would HATE to be faced with such an expensive surgery. Thank you for supporting them and Sedona!

  7. I hope Sedona will be ok, many prayers going up from this animal lover!

  8. Hoping all the best for the lovely Miss Sedona and her humans. Made a small donation that I hope contributes to a big help.

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