Flash back Friday!

I thought it would be fun to play a little flashback Friday today.

Do y'all remember green stamps?

I do!

The picture above was a sign I just recently finished.

I came across an image like the one above with green stamps.

For those of you that don't go back that far....

Back in the 60's merchants offered S&H stamps as an incentive to draw in customers.

Now I don't go that far back but I can still remember the 70's

My sister and I would spend hours pasting these green stamps into a book.

Once your book was filled, you could shop through catalogs and pick out fun items.

I think they even had stores for you to redeem your green stamps.

Remember the Brady Bunch episode?

I think it was Jan's bracelet that almost ruined it for the girls...LOL

Well after skipping along memory lane I came across this lil jewel.

It was sold on Ebay for a very pretty penny. Yikes!

I could not get over it...

so I painted it!

Here's my version of the sign.

Minus the rust, it's pretty cool.

It's also up for grabs if anyone is interested.

It measures a tad over 17" x 21"

I can distress it more if you like.

Just email me and we can chat.

Did you collect green stamps?

Remember what you purchased with them?

I would love to hear all about it!

Can you believe that you can still redeem your unused stamps?!

yes indeed!

I wish I still had some.

I think I would get a beanbag chair for my office LOL

xo Susie

Trick or Treat banner DIY

With every passing year, my decorations seem to be simpler.

Maybe it's because I have less time


Maybe it's because I like less fuss. yeah that's it!

This banner took less time to make than having the fabric cut at Wal Mart. Really.

I started off with 5 patterns.

I bought 1/4 yard of each.

I cut 2 diamond shapes each.

You will flip in half like this.

Ohhhh my favorite part!

These letter can be found here.

Thanks Martha!

I have been using these sweet letters for years now. Love em!

I just cut them out around the edge.

Rolled up a piece of tape and stuck er on.

I then folded the diamond shape over my ribbon and taped it closed.

no sew. no fuss. happy me!

That's about all I'm doing this year..

Other than the pumpkins on my mantel ;)

You can find my DIY chalkboard here.

I love how I can change out any holiday in just minutes.

Are you starting to feel fall'ish?

It's still pretty hot here in the deep south.

I'm hoping to find some fun colored pumpkins for my porch soon.

Fall...come on already. Bring it. please.

xo Susie

Give us this day..

Have you ever had something that you loved so much you hoarded it?

Like "tucked away for that perfect day" kinda hoard?

Well that was me with these boards below.

Oh the pictures do them no justice.

They are the chippest, most perfect color and size boards you ever did see!!

The picture was awful because I was holding back like 73 women from snatching em all up.


I have had these darlings sense was back from the Country living fair in Texas.

Too long.

The color here is really a robins eggs blue over a coat of rustic red.

Now you see why I have hoarded them for so long.

You just don't come by these babes often.

So I stacked them in the corner of my art room.

Every day I passed them. loved them. cherished them.HOARDED them!


My excuse was I wanted the perfect saying for them.

I came across a verse that pierced my heart.

"Don't store up treasures here on earth, where moths eat them and rust destroys them, and where thieves break in and steal.  matthew 6:19

I was hanging onto treasures here on Earth, even if it was just chippy old wood.

So I painted.

Now "We" can all enjoy and give thanks.

Oh why did I wait so long?

One of the things I loved most about these boards, the backside is perfect too!

Here is a shot of the back...I know.. 

I'm thinking about painting something for Christmas on the back.

2 for 1 ;)

I have 6 pieces left...oh my.

On another note..

I thought I would share an update on Sweet Sedona.

They had to hold off on her surgery due to an infection.

She has been treated and they are hoping to move ahead this week.

I will keep you posted and I just wanted to thank you all again.

It was so sweet how you came forth with prayers and donations for her.

We picked a winner.

"Leslie" could you please contact me so I can gather your info.

Thank you thank you thank you!

xo Susie

Coop Sittin'

We are coop sittin' for a bit. don't ya just love it?!

My sister and brother n law sold their home so we moved all weekend.

This sweet treat found its way here.

Not for keeps but I'm sure gonna enjoy it!

While they are busy building their new home, I could start a chicken ranch. dreaming

Or maybe doves?

It's just too cute of a cage to be empty.

Hunny says no birds.

no doves.

no monkey.. yes, I asked.

So I guess that leaves just a coop.

At least no poop..LOL

I'm getting kinda excited too..

maybe just maybe

They will build their new home next to us.

Oh how I hope this will come true.

I would love for us to be neighbors!

We shared a room for 18 years.

I miss her.

Maddy asked for a peacock.

Hunny didn't say no to that. Hmmm??

Anyone ever raise a peacock?

I'm loving it even if its just for a season.

Even if its empty.

Cause I know when it finds its new home, it may be just right next door.



Apartment Therapy!

Holy Smokes!!!

My sign?

That's what ran through my head as I spotted this post over at Apartment therapy.

This precious nursery belongs to a sweetie named Holden.

Her nursery made the tour and I can see why.

Her Mom, Meg has a knack for decorating.

Holden's gender was a surprise till "she" arrived,
 but that didn't stop her Mom and Dad from creating a masterpiece.

She filled this room with handmade items and that alone makes my heart smile!

Holden's parents where married in Jamica and have a love for Reggae.

So it was a joy to paint this sign for her.

Meg's inspiration came from a stuffed owl and it grew from there.

What a blessing it is to do what I love and love what I do.

I can't imagine doing anything else.

Thank you Meg for sharing Holden's sweet room with all of us.

And thank you  for supporting "handmade".

Want to know more about the sign?

Hop on over to my shop here

For the grammar getter's...

all right vs alright..

I believe when it comes to art

I myself..

Don't worry about a thing cause every little thing is gonna be alright ...

xoxox Susie

Fall wreath DIY remake

I finally got around to hanging my fall wreaths today.

It felt good.

But wait... can we back up for just a second?

I know at one time or another we have asked..

Why do bad things happen to good wreaths?

Well, they just do. It's life.

Painful I know, but we all have been there.

So I'm hear to tell ya.

You are not alone.

So instead of giving up and starting over, I picked up a few essentials.

Wooden picks are a must!

Plus 4 small pumpkins (Hobby Lobby)

Once I removed the damaged goods, I replaced them with new ones.

I just wrapped the wire around the stick.

Then pushing the stick through the vines and into the pumpkin. Easy

There you have it folks.

If you need a more detailed DIY, you can find my previous one here

It's pretty much just stickin and pickin' till you get her right.

Because I have to make two, I try and reuse from year to year.

That may mean plucking out the bad and replacing a few items but it's so much cheaper.

Picture overload... sorry.

I just noticed that my gas lantern is naked!

Guess this fella will need an up do too!

Please accept my deepest appreciation for those of you that have donated and prayed for Sadona.

She will be undergoing her surgery tomorrow.

I will keep you posted.

I will also draw a winner and announce it soon.

Thank you,
Susie and Sadona!