New Orleans

This weekend my sister, niece and I headed for New Orleans.

It was one of those last minute quick trips.

My niece Brittany is newly engaged so we enjoyed a little bridal browsing too. sniff

Our first stop was of course Magazine street. It is lined with shops to quench any taste.

From there we headed to Jackson Square.

I'm sure many of you have heard of the St. Louis Cathedral.

It's the city's most recognizable landmarks.

St. Louis is the oldest continually operating cathedral in the US.

It dates back to 1850.  WOW

Can you just imagine what this Cathedral has endured?

It did weather Hurricane Katrina fairly well.

A bit of water damage but it stood strong. goosebumps

Mass was just ending and they allowed photos then.

Behind many of the tall narrow doors you will find secret gardens and courtyards.

I think this is one of my favorite things about this city.

Street entertainers help to keep the moods lifted even in the rain..

Ohhh the food!!!

We had to pass on Lucky Dogs though.

Too many great restaurants and cafes stole or attention.

Sorry Lucky!

Rain was not the only thing falling from the sky.

From the balcony bubbles drifted from bubble machines.

I don't care how old you are, bubbles are fun!

Even in the rain ;)


This store cracked me up!

We opted to view  from the outside.

It was full of HUGE cats. haha

As the evening started to darken the sky, the streets started to glow.

Gas lanterns...have mercy!

I love these.

In fact, I made sure I had one near my front porch when we built our house.

We made sure to keep fashion on the forefront Ha!

This guy...

He scared the beegeebee's out of me.

He stands there all day like a statue.

Waiting for poor unsuspecting souls like me to jump out on.

I really didn't like it but I'm a good sport.

I even gave to his fund and had my picture made. LOL

I'm not big fan of night life in New Orleans so this girl hit the hay early.


There is nothing like waking to Cafe' Du Monde just steps away from your hotel.

I made sure to pick up a box of these for my giveaway along with some other goodies.

This book just cracks me up!

Loving the blues~

How does our garden grow?

Humidity and lots of it. LOL

So much in fact that our powered sugar was a mess...

still laughing about that one Missy... ;)

My favorite porch/balcony has to be the Bienville House in the French Quarter.  love

Funny how just across the street is this building below.

That's how New Orleans rolls.

You have to overlook the bad to enjoy the beauty New Orleans holds.

I hope y'all enjoyed our little trip.

Thanks for joining me on Instagram and following along.

And the winner of the New Orleans goodies


She blogs from drinkingfromasaucer

Yay me please so we can exchange info.

xoxox Susie


  1. What a lovely trip! Omg I soo do miss my Missy! Please be a sweet dear friend and give her a big hug from me.

    Even though you had rain, it looked like the perfect day for a visit!! I think you even came home with some great ideas in your head! If you didn't.. I saw oodles of new signs and things for you to build! Go to work girlie!

    warm hugs,

    Cotton Peony.. aka Olivia & Me

    pss.. I hope you girls recovered from all that rich food there too. :)

  2. Thanks Susie! LOVE your photos. Just sent you an e-mail! ~Sally

  3. Ah, makes me nostalgic for my Tulane days! Looks like a fun trip in a beautiful place. :)

  4. You apparently saw a different side of New Orleans then I did when I was there and I like yours much better. That or you take awesome pictures.

  5. wow! it does look like that haunted mansion part of disneyland, doesn't it?! that's the closest i have been to new orleans! ;} but that powdered sugary pile of YUM...and the store full of cats makes me want to go!!! ;}
    great pictures!!!!

    m ^..^

  6. What fun!! LOVE New Orleans!! Cafe du Monde is a must!! These images have me drooling...and not just for the beignets!

  7. What a great time! New Orleans is definitely on my must-go list.

  8. Oh my, your pictures are wonderful and you have managed to make me oh so homesick for NOLA!

  9. NOLA is one of my favorite places to visit! I'm getting homesick looking at your photo's!

  10. i'm dying to visit!

    come visit soon.


  11. HI Susie, looks like an amazing and wonderful time. So happy for your niece...let the fun begin. Watching Whitney try dresses on was wonderful. She looked beautiful in all of them...I of course cried, and had to go to Cheesecake factory afterward just to end up on a happy note! Hahaha....loved your pictures.

  12. The closest I will most likely ever get to N.O. is the French Quarter at Disneyland. And the Mickey shaped beignets are nothing to sneeze at. :)

  13. New Orleans is truly my favorite city! So jealous of your trip. Your pictures are beautiful!!

  14. I would really love to visit that city! Thanks for sharing your pics.Three Mango Seeds

  15. I love all the pics!!!

  16. Omg....Kandace would die over the cat store!!!! I must take her. Thanks for your help, whatever it

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