Keep on dreaming...

Don't you just love this quote?

This sign was such a joy to paint.

She gave me so much inspiration to work with.

I love when that happens

This sweet room was designed for Emma by her Mom.

Her bedding is Anthropologie. love

Her wall color.. a soft salmon

Fun fuzzy pillow from Anthropologie.

Vintage birdcage...

This sweet vase below is from Anthropologie. It was where I found most of my inspiration.

I fell in love with this blue and how the salmon popped!

deeply in love..

So for the background of the sign I used Artesian Well.

It is a Martha Stewart color and I tweaked it just a bit.

I used the towels and shower curtain (Anthropologie)

for my lettering.

I made the color by mixing about 4 different colors together.

My new color combo crush...

Light blue and Salmon.  Adore

I can't wait to share photos of Emma's room when its finished.

I know it will be adorable!

xoxo Susie


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  2. That words touch my heart and I LOVE the sign!

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