Just for fun!

After spending hours in the hot Atlanta sun, we read over our check list.

We had seen about everything there was to see..

but one thing remained.

Kaylee and I are avid "Say Yes to the Dress" fans.

We can sit together all day and watch one after the other.

So when we found out we were just minutes away..

well you know..

Our intentions were to just take a few pictures of the building.

I think Kaylee must have snapped 100 pictures LOL

I on the other hand, was pretty impressed with their flowers.

So while we stood snapping pictures by the front door, it opened!

The sweetest lady working the front desk, insisted that we come in.

Well alrighty then..We did!!

She shared with us some fun facts about Lori's Bridal and we soaked it up!

She also insisted, with sweet southern charm, that we look around.

well alrighty then..so we did!

Every inch of that place was pure heaven.

It felt like a barbie dream house.

If I could have only bottled up Kay's excitement.

This girl was besides herself. HA!

As we awkwardly walked around trying to blend in..yeah right...

I tried to imagine what it will be like in a few years.

Kaylee starts her sophomore year in college tomorrow. sniff

I am in no rush..

But it was fun all the same.

We looked through dresses.

We laughed.

We giggled like silly girls.

We made memories!

And then...

We spotted her!

If you don't watch the show, she is the owner/star of the show.

"Say yes to the dress" Atlanta.

She didn't mind that we were just camera carrying tourist with no intent to purchase.

She graciously approached us and welcomed us to her boutique.

Of course we had to take pictures and she didn't mind a bit.

When the time comes..

I think we will take a trip back to Atlanta.

Maybe then, Kay can say yes to a dress...

xoxox Susie


  1. So fun that you got to meet her. Was Monte around? My daughter and I are hooked on that show too. Do you guys watch Four Weddings on TLC as well?

  2. Hi Brandi! Monte was in a parade so we missed him. He is one of my favorites to watch. I have yet to watch four weddings. Guess I need to check that one out ;)

  3. How fun!! My daughters watch this show religiously...marathons and all! LOL!!!

  4. What a fun time! Savvy business-people know that building good will is as important as making an individual sale :-) She built lots with you and with those of us reading about your trip .... smart woman ;-)

    I watch the show occasionally, and sometimes wish I had a wedding to plan ... but I only have a 19 year old son, and hope it's a L-O-N-G while before he thinks about weddings and such!


  5. what fabulous fun! Love that show... it's a hoot!

  6. Love this show too! What fun and makes me smile at the warmth of the Atlanta, "Say Yes To The Dress" host . . . Great publicity for them too when Susie Harris gives a nod!

  7. I've never seen the show but I guessed you were at some place special! And you look terrific in all the picture, wee little you!

    We spent Saturday looking at bridal dresses for my daughter who is getting married in the spring. Yes, I want to cry!


  8. OMG!!!! I love that show! How fun & she is just sweeter than sweet!!!!!!

  9. Oh my goodness - how fun! I love that show, and the Atlanta one is my favorite. Maybe it's the Southern charm and accents that remind me of home :) I love all the pictures, and definitely want to check out the store now if we're ever in Atlanta.

  10. I love that show, too! My child has already made plans to go to Atlanta and let Lori and Monte help her pick her dress! LOL

    Looks like y'all had a ton of fun.

  11. I LOVE this show! How fun that you two were able to look around and meet Lori!

  12. I'm sooooo jealous, lol!! I'm the only girl in a house of guys, they know Friday night is wedding dress night and they had better not mess with the DVR.

  13. So glad you girls were able to visit our great town! I would have squealed if I had seen you when I was out & about:)

  14. That is so awesome! Your pictures made me smile. My youngest and I love "Say Yes to the Dress" and watch them one right after the other on Netflix! Love the photo with all y'all & Lori! {HUGS} Three Mango Seeds

  15. How TOTALLY fun!!! I love that Lori was so sweet and welcoming - just like I new she would be!!

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