Mr. & Mrs. in decorating

Having such a sweet and kind husband often lends way to over stepping my boundaries.

What I'm trying to say here is...

I girlie it up without thought of my MR.

He never complains but when I've over stepped, he does that groan thing.

I try really hard to keep the MR. in my decorating. It's just hard you know  HA!

I try and stay away from florals and pinks.

I made these cute little Mr. & Mrs. signs and I love em!

I am sooo into the shadow effect now. Neat!

I add blue when I can.

Vintage books always work well.

A bird here and there...

Chunky hardware like old staplers.. YES!

It's a balance...

He & She.

Remembering the "WE"

I'm glad he is kinder than I when it comes to giving in.

I put my foot down to a Razorback bedspread!

Won't budge an inch on that one.

But given my sweet nature, I do allow a Razorback pillowcase under the shames  ;)

Balance is key for a happy home.

xoxox Mr. &Mrs.


  1. Cute post. Love your desk and it is displayed beautifully. Hugs, Marty

  2. You are so right! I love the Mr. and Mrs. signs. What a great idea.

  3. Susie! Several things. . .

    1. Your secretary looks absolutely wonderful. It was worth all your hard work!

    2. The Mr. & Mrs. sign is just too cute for words.

    3. A Razorback pillowcase? That sounds fine. Now, if he were an Oregon Duck fan, that would be going too far. :)

  4. love all of your work, but THIS sign: "Mr & Mrs" I do love!
    I like the way you redid the secretary/desk! I love refinishing old furniture to give it a new life, just wish I didn't have to work for a living - keeps me able to afford my past-times! Keep up the GREAT inspiration for the rest of us!
    I thank you
    Jane aka Valerie

  5. Fun post, Susie! Good for you for striking the balance. :)

  6. Your desk is to die for. You did a beautful job on it. I also love the Mr. & Mrs. sign. Too cute...You outdid yourself. :)

  7. My husband thought we needed a Razorback made out of tile on our floor. You have to have boundries somewhere! He does get excited when I hang our Hog wreath on the front door.

  8. OMG! What a beautiful blog with so wonderful ideas! I love it!

  9. Susie you are too cute.
    You are so right about remembering to make sure out decorating isn't all flowers and pinks. I try really hard to be sensitive of my hubby, but every every now and then some pink and flowers sneak in.
    Your mr. and mrs. sign is that perfect balance of you and your husband in decorating. Great styling on the shelves.

  10. Love your Mr and Mrs Sign. Totally cute.. Love your blog. New follower. Come and visit and follow me. Thanks, Cindy

  11. woohoo great job Susie. You're always coming up with wonderful creative, fresh ideas. I'm sure hubs is very happy to have his nest forever evolving....who wouldn't when you do such a great job of it! You guys are whooping our butts in the Olympics..well done. Cheers from Australia :)

  12. Like the sign. But I don't think my hubby will like this idea in our bedroom.

  13. Love the Mr & Mrs sign SO much! Will you be selling any? I'd love to have one in our home. And Go Razorbacks! Only 22 more days! WPS :)

  14. Your second image is very beautiful. All the things are very clear. Your desk and its color both are very nice. White color always looking beautiful. Whats your other furniture's color? Like bathroom interior, kitchen furniture, living room furniture and dinning room stuff. I think you must share with us

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