Worker Bee

The other day I sat and watched a few bees.

They were busily going about their work.

In and out, humming along and working together.

As I watched these bees, I imagined the Queen Bee inside.

What a life!

Funny how even the smallest of creatures take rank.

Guess I'm a worker Bee...LOL.

You know what?

I don't think I would have it any other way.

I love what I do.

Now if I could just get organized!

I'm really struggling with that part of my life right now. Aren't we all?

So enough about me already...

How about a new sign!

I love when someone gives me a quote to paint and lets me go with it.

It's not often I work with browns and when I do, I fall in love again.

I also have a new color to share..

It's a grey but is looking pretty blue here.

And one last sign to share below.

These stinkers are such time takers but I love them once they are done.

I think I may have to put a hold on the rules sign for now.

Maybe after school starts and I have a little more time to devote to such a piece.

Are you a worker bee too?   ;)

xoxoxo Susie

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  1. I love all your signs but I can see how some can take up time and patience! Especially when summer time is out there to enjoy! :)



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