Never give up DIY

I believe there is a misconception around blog land.

That DIY's always work great for the other bloggers all the time.

This is so not true and I'm here to preach it..LOL

I found my dream secretary desk and had to have it!

I had been searching for one forever and found it about 5 miles from my house.

A little shop called Bonnies.

It was in great shape minus a few scratches but sturdy as a rock!

I cleaned her off good and used my frog tape to tape off my edges.

I applied my first coat of Annie Sloan pure white. love

Her paint grabs hold and doesn't let go!

Then I noticed something.

Something that was not supposed to happen.

Pink started to bleed through my Annie Sloan chalk paint. Oh no!!!

I then remembered that the same thing happened to Beth.

She used Shellac to form a barrier.

Good idea!

So I ran to the hardware and picked up a can.

I painted a good coat and let it dry.

After it was dry I painted a second coat of Annie Sloan pure white.

And below you can see...

I was still having some issues. oh my..

I started to panic!

I was out of chalk paint and energy.

So I pulled out my big guns!


I went over every square inch of my desk..again

I repeated..

never give up..   never give up..   never ever give up!

The kilz covered the pink for the most part but my problem was...

my paint can was dry :(

So I sucked it up and used my semi gloss cabinet paint.

It worked well.

With the two coats of Annie's chalk paint, one coat of shellac, one coat Kilz topped with semi gloss cabinet paint...

I got it covered...whew....

Maddy was so sweet to offer a helping hand.

See that missing top drawer?

I was working on that outside...

Little by little my faith was being restored...LOL

I started to fall in love...

How could I not?

Just look at those tiny drawers and itty bitty pulls...sweet!

Now having to paint them...not so sweet but worth it.

The inside is painted a perfect shade of blue called Tropical Bay.

It's a Valspar color.

Would I do something different?


My first wish would have been to not run out of chalk paint.

This stuff is still the BOMB dig a dee!

I still love it!

I just could not bring myself to invest another 36.00 and I needed it finished.

So now you know...

Not all DIY'ers have it easy all the time.

Even with awesome products, opps happens.

Never give up!

Can you guess where it will go?

xoxox Susie


  1. I love that piece of furniture! Your hard work definitey paid off.

  2. Such a beautiful piece of furniture. I love your plate wall too.

  3. SOOOO pretty! You did a beautiful job, even if it's not with the paint you wanted!

  4. I love what you did to that secretary desk! If I had a house full of secretary desk and armoires I would be happy! I am ALWAYS drawn to them when I see antique furniture. I have 4 armoires and would have one in every room if I had room for them!! The bigger the better!!
    Great job Susie!

  5. oh my, that is a gorgeous piece of furniture! I love the colors you used, and it is definitely not easy in real life like it appears sometimes on blogs. Your hard work really paid off though!

  6. Absolutely lovely and SO worth the perseverance!

  7. That's why I love you so! You never give up!

  8. I'm so glad you didn't give up! It's such a pretty piece! I've read about how some early pieces made out of mahogany will not cover well with ASCP. The blue you painted on the inside is just genius! LOVE IT! DIY is a learning process and we just bring our readers along for the journey. ;)
    Kim @ Sand & Sisal

  9. I LOVE the desk. Great job, its nice to know everyone else has problems. It never seems to fail when it looks like an easy job something happens and surprise not so easy anymore. Glad you stuck with it, it looks SO good.

  10. Wow ... that was a lot of work and it turned out beautifully. I love Annie Sloan chalk paint, also wishing it was a wee bit less expensive, for those times you need a bit more to finish a project.

  11. I love the look of painted furniture, but you have no idea how many pieces I trashed because the turned out horrible. Great job on this and your persistence totally paid off.

  12. There is an old secretary at my parents home just waiting for some DIY love. You just gave me some inspiration :-)

  13. Your persistance really paid off! It's stunning! You can make chalk paint by adding plaster of paris to regular house paint, it works great. Google it, you'll find the recipe.

  14. Wonderful transformation! I Love it!

  15. Oh Susie!
    I think I would of given up and been disappointed. Why didn't the chalk paint adhere? What kind of finish was on the secretary prior to you painting it?
    In any case you persevered and the se restart looks lovely. My favorite is that pop of blue when you open it up. Love that. Thanks for sharing the color and that not all DIY's go as we like.

  16. Despite all the frustration and many coats of paint she looks beautiful, especially styled as she is in your Mr. and Mrs. post.

  17. Gorgeous! So nice to read your realness! Thanks for sharing. New fellow blog follower!

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