Make your own School House Pendant

After making the school house chalkboard, I realized that our small hallway was dark.

I'm not sure why we never had a light put in while building. Weird?

I knew just the light fixture I wanted but they were crazy expensive.

So I headed to Home Depot.

There I found a light kit in the perfect finish.

At 14.00 I was sold!

It's a complete light fixture and all you add is your decorative globe.

Well that would be easy if the decorative globe I wanted fit.

The globe that's made for these kits are pretty small.


Above is the globe I loved.

It too is found at Home Depot for about 5.00...sold!

The problem now was....

The mouth of the globe was too large.

 I didn't let that stop me.

I searched the entire store. Top to bottom!

Where I found this!

It's your every day solar light.

Home Depot 3.00...sold!

It was a good fit and the finish matched the kit perfect!

Problem was the solar panel in the middle.

No worries.. I just used tin snips and cut it out.

Be careful with this part because the edges are sharp.

I then drilled 3 small holes close to the edge.

This will allow the screws to hold your globe in place.

I just slipped the solar panel lid over the socket and screwed on the ring.
(the ring was included in the kit)

The ring held the solar panel lid snug to the light kit and covered the jagged edge.

At this point I started getting excited and cheering...

This just might work!!!

I set my globe in place and tightened the screws.

Be careful not to go too tight.

I'm sure too much pressure could crack your globe.

You just want it snug enough to hold it securely in

After my part of  the DIY school house pendant was done, I passed the baton.

Jesse, my oldest picked up my slack.

He has mad electric skills and loves his Momma ;)

Please work..please work...

Looking good...

I adore this kid!

By golly miss molly ..


I love it!!

Now lets recap our price shall we..

Kit 14.00
Globe 5.00
Solar light 3.00

22.00 for a school house pendant ain't bad!

I can't believe what a change just one light fixture can make.

And I'm so  glad it worked!

I love the feeling of knowing I saved mucho money and achieved "the look".

Go forth..make something fun!

xoxox Susie


  1. What a great fixture and great vision to see that the parts might go together. Gotta love when you raise them with diy skills. Our oldest son is only 15 but has already got some awesome diy skills.

  2. You are a TOTAL freakin GENIUS and I am SOOOOOO in awe of you, girl!!! If I ever take my chandy down {which could be a possibility ;)wink ;)} I am totally doing THIS!!!

    Keep on ROCKIN it friend!!! xoxo

  3. how creative! I love this and am definitely going to keep it in my files, maybe for the next house?


  4. Hey, Susie, I just love this fixture! I might put a schoolhouse light in my kitchen. GOt to get rid of an ugly grease covered fan. xoxo

  5. Genius! I LOVE it :)

  6. You crack me up!

    "I just used tin snips" - I'd cut off a finger or three if I used tin snips.

    It looks fantastic - perfect for the hallway.

  7. This is brilliant! Thank you for sharing, I've been looking for one of these lights and the prices are frightening!

  8. You amaze me. I don't think I would of cut up that solar light. I am so glad it worked for you and it looks right at home in your foyer.
    Off to see the post on the chalkboard.

  9. Fantastic...lucky you have a wonderful son who understands electricity! wow...

  10. Is it OK for me to say WOW WOW your son is a knock out!!!


    Love the light too !


  11. You continue to amaze me! This is fantastic and looks fabulous with the chalkboard.

  12. Amazing! It looks fantastic! Perfect for that space. Even better that you have a local handyman to help you out! ;)

  13. Saw this on pinterest and had to come check it out for myself! LOVE it!

  14. LOVE this!!!! WE have two antique lights like this in our bathroom but yours look even better.

    Thank you for sharing!

  15. I have been looking for some school house lights to go over my counter, where the recessed can lights are. I found the kit to hang a pendant light, I just wonder if they would work like this. Another problem is that I want them black....spray paint could fix that! These are awesome!

  16. What is the name of the gray paint in that hallway?

  17. You are my HERO!! I've looked and looked for a solution to fit my pickle jar...inspired from west elm @ $99.00 each. Now there is no stopping my achieved look at $22.00! Thank you for sharing you bright idea ;)

  18. This is genius! I have the globes, and knew about the light sockets, but wasn't sure how I was going to put them together. Time to go shopping for solar lights!
    Excuse me now while I peruse the rest of your blog.

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