Finding your perfect white

Notice anything different?

If you have been around longer than a week, I'm sure you guessed correctly.

Paint.... again? I know I know  ;)

You may remember when I painted all of my cabinets grey.

It brought this problem on.

Everything just seemed to blend and look drab.

So I started with a light sanding on my top cabinets only.

After that, I rubbed on some liquid sander.

Lazy persons tip #1

Yes... it works!!!

I'm just a lazy painter.

I guess this comes with painting them so often...LOL

Lazy person tip #2 ...  I never remove the doors.

So many people have asked about the color of my cabinets.

The bottom cabinets are Martha Stewart's Bedford Grey
(semi gloss)

My new top cabinets are

Martha Stewart's OPAL

I'm sure many of you now know,

Martha no longer carries her paint at Home Depot.

You can still find her craft paint.

So I had them mix her color with Glidden.

A small foam (not fuzzy) roller works great!

Oh...and my favorite Purdy brush for hard to get corners.

The OPAL has just a hint of grey to it but if you'd ask anyone,

they would say it's white. perfect

I now love how my top cabinets pop against the grey walls.

It no longer get lost in the sea of grey. LOL

And I love how the lower cabinets anchor my counter tops perfectly.

I keep going back n forth as to make new curtains.

I'm weird like that.

When they are up.... I love em.

When I take em down, I love the clean crisp look.

A sickness I tell ya!

Maybe I need to play in someone else's house and give mine a break.

xoxoxo Susie


  1. I love the clean, crisp look and the pop of the upper cabinets. I say leave it alone and come to my is a desperate situation I tell ya!

  2. The opal is a great color, in fact, I just saw that color somewhere else, can't remember where....You r always welcome to "play" @ my house! My cabinets are needing a new little something.

  3. come play in my house and bring your paintbrush! :o) your cabinets look great!!

  4. are SO invited to my house<3 What a difference a little bit of paint made on you cabinets! Love that the uppers are different than the lowers! Thanks for being such an inspiration:)

  5. Come and play at my house cabinets need're an expert now and I can't see after having eye they will have to wait unless you come on by. LOL

  6. So pretty! Come play in my house, PA-LEASE!!!!

  7. I'm de-curtaining my house as well - it looks so clean and crisp without them.

    Cabinets look great :)

  8. pretty! It is hard to find a perfect white. My favorite white is Benjamin Moore "Simply White"

  9. I love it - it does make the gray pop! Maybe you will find your Buffalo gray check curtains?

  10. the opal on the uppers really makes the cabinets stand out now. LOL about the curtains.
    You are welcome to come over and play at my house anytime. I would love to get my maserbedroom painted, but it has 12 foot ceilings. Lots of paint and lotsa work.

  11. If you still want to play in someone else's house the next time you visit your dad, let me know. I'd be MORE than happy to welcome you in (bring your sister - would love to meet you both!). I'll feed you and let you boss me around for as long as you'd like. :) In the meantime? I love it - the pictures do make them look white but I imagine, with a name like opal, a hint of pink & maybe some blue to really pop against the gray? They definitely look gorgeous!!!

    I LOVE IT.



  13. I don't know about the dark gray, it seems to make the walls look sad. Maybe it is just the lighting. But it seems cold distant and lonely. Maybe it is just me. I think I liked it better when you had curtains and some other colors. Just me.

  14. I love the white, and I ESPECIALLY love the lazy tips. That's my kinda job!

  15. Oh to have just a bit of your energy! You know that just a few miles away I have wall paper you can remove and paint over. LOL
    Just kidding!
    Can't wait to start on a new house, you can come over a decorate your heart out!
    hope you are having a fab. weekend with Marc. Love ya, SISTA

  16. I know this is about your cabinets and they look fabulous, but I LOVE your stools LOL
    I have seriously been thinking of getting some like that from World Market.
    Great taste!!!

  17. Girl, come play in my house! :) I have been considering painting my cabinets white, but didn't want too stark a look. Then I thought of painting them gray, but didn't want to feel too trendy...this might be a perfect blend!

  18. Oh Susie Q...Come paint my house anytime!!! I love the new look! I HONESTLY wish I had the time to paint my house as often as you do! Everything always turns out amazing for you...I swear it takes me 3 times to get it "just right". Thanks so much for sharing!!! :)

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