Buffalo Gal

This rooms meets all of my requirements for a perfect haven.

The buffalo check curtains, pillows and table skirt ... perfection!

See a trend I'm leaning toward?

Not sure if the back splash is for me but I sure love those shades and chairs!

ahhh.. love these slippers!

Now I'm on a fabric hunt for grey and white buffalo check .

Seen any lately?

I would love to hear from you if so.

I would love to find some without having to order online.

I'm one of those that likes to preview before I buy.

Are you a touchy feel'e buyer too?

xoxox, Susie


  1. My very favorite chair is upholstered in a darker green and white buffalo check, I was really into it 20 years ago (when I had the chair recovered) and I am still loving it. I really like it in the tones you show here too.

  2. Buffalo check lover here too. It's a little hard to find in those great neutral colors, I've looked, and you can often find it overseas, but it's pricey... I'll be curious to see if you find a source!


  3. I am a touchy feely too....love, love, love that print!

  4. That light tan buffalo check is nice. I have black buffalo check I just added to my office redo.(see blog)

  5. Susie! I love those rooms. We just moved into a new house and right now my bedroom is a blank slate with a white bedspread. You may have just provided the inspiration I needed. Thanks. :)

    Now, I can't wait to see what you do. Your designs are always just amazingly beautiful.

  6. I love the sitting area - if only I had that much room.

    Some things I'm okay buying online, but I'm picky about fabrics and linens. Good luck with your search!

  7. AnonymousJuly 05, 2012

    I like those slippers too!!

  8. I'm usually not a huge fan of the buffalo check, but I love it in gray and white! So pretty!

  9. Just found your blog and love it! I just bought some buffalo check duvets at Ikea. I'm cutting them up to make curtains for my home office. They have lots of colors and also yardage of it for $8.99/yd. But it's cheaper to buy the duvet.

  10. Hi there! Did you ever find the buffalo check fabric anywhere? I have looked everywhere! Thanks!

  11. Love all the elements in this photo.

  12. Hey,Susie. Where did you find the buffalo check fabric. I am in love with it!!!!


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