Adding pops of color

Some of you may think I'm afraid of color. be honest.

 I am.     just a little.

I love color, it just intimidates me.

You know what I'm saying? You too?

So when I do add color...

I add it without threat.



I shared a DIY for this pointing hand ages ago here

Art brings life to a room without commitment.

You can change it up.

move it around...

In fact...

I had this hand shoved in a corner of our shed.

I brushed off the cobwebbs and she was as good as new!

I'm loving it all over again!

Nothing like shopping the shed.. LOL

Who knows how long she will hang here.

I'm sure I'll get bored with her and move on but thats the great thing about Sign Art.

You can do that!

You can repaint it. Store it. Relocate it.

For now... I'm loving on it.

That's how I add color.


xoxo Susie


  1. This looks so great! I'm not one to have color everywhere either - I love all the gray!

  2. My favorite way to add color is plants. Living here in SW Florida provides the opportunity to experience so many more than we could living in NM.

  3. This is completely fabulous!

  4. Love it!! I really like the red with the gray walls. How fun.
    Thanks for sharing ;)

  5. I'm kind of color-phobic too, Susie. But when I do want to add color to a room I do so through pillows and drapes- which I usually make and can be cheaply created and discarded. Love the "EAT" sign, by the way!

  6. That sign is too cha cha for words. Love!

  7. completely in love with color and undeniably afraid to use it all at the same time! ekkkk

  8. When you get tired of it, will you sell it to me? I LOVE it! Color and all!! Lori Lucas

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