Never give up DIY

I believe there is a misconception around blog land.

That DIY's always work great for the other bloggers all the time.

This is so not true and I'm here to preach it..LOL

I found my dream secretary desk and had to have it!

I had been searching for one forever and found it about 5 miles from my house.

A little shop called Bonnies.

It was in great shape minus a few scratches but sturdy as a rock!

I cleaned her off good and used my frog tape to tape off my edges.

I applied my first coat of Annie Sloan pure white. love

Her paint grabs hold and doesn't let go!

Then I noticed something.

Something that was not supposed to happen.

Pink started to bleed through my Annie Sloan chalk paint. Oh no!!!

I then remembered that the same thing happened to Beth.

She used Shellac to form a barrier.

Good idea!

So I ran to the hardware and picked up a can.

I painted a good coat and let it dry.

After it was dry I painted a second coat of Annie Sloan pure white.

And below you can see...

I was still having some issues. oh my..

I started to panic!

I was out of chalk paint and energy.

So I pulled out my big guns!


I went over every square inch of my desk..again

I repeated..

never give up..   never give up..   never ever give up!

The kilz covered the pink for the most part but my problem was...

my paint can was dry :(

So I sucked it up and used my semi gloss cabinet paint.

It worked well.

With the two coats of Annie's chalk paint, one coat of shellac, one coat Kilz topped with semi gloss cabinet paint...

I got it covered...whew....

Maddy was so sweet to offer a helping hand.

See that missing top drawer?

I was working on that outside...

Little by little my faith was being restored...LOL

I started to fall in love...

How could I not?

Just look at those tiny drawers and itty bitty pulls...sweet!

Now having to paint them...not so sweet but worth it.

The inside is painted a perfect shade of blue called Tropical Bay.

It's a Valspar color.

Would I do something different?


My first wish would have been to not run out of chalk paint.

This stuff is still the BOMB dig a dee!

I still love it!

I just could not bring myself to invest another 36.00 and I needed it finished.

So now you know...

Not all DIY'ers have it easy all the time.

Even with awesome products, opps happens.

Never give up!

Can you guess where it will go?

xoxox Susie

BBQ Southern Style!

Sunday evening we had small get together at My sister's house.

When you get invited there you always know it will be a special treat!

Missy and Brett just know how to entertain "southern style"

And by that, it doesn't always mean fancy and china although those are fun too!

You just feel welcome.

We always seem to try and catch up but don't. i miss her

Wings and pork cops were on the menu. YUM!

We also enjoyed a yummy dip with crackers and deer sausage (my favorite)!

And Jesse approved ha!

So while the guys caught up and baked in the 112 degree sun,

the girls snapped a few pictures.

I can't really share those because Shelby dripped dip on her shirt and Kaylee was not feeling skinny.

Oh my..LOL but I promised ;)

So we will share Missy's yard instead.

It's full of meandering lil gravel paths that lead you to  rose gardens, a fountain and many other surprises along the way.

Oh the sweet smell of roses...

and the trickle of the fountain..

I never want to leave!

So after a good meal and fun fellowship it was time to go..

and the natives started getting restless Ha!

And Mr. clean my brother in law was ready to do yard work 8:30 in the evening..

It's really about the only time you can do anything here in this heat.

And one last shot before we go..

Her hen and chicks

I love these!

Our Maw Maw had them all over the yard and porch while we were growing up.

I'm trying to enjoy ever square inch of my sister's home.

It's up for sale!

Can you believe it?

She is ready for something new and feeling the "new house itch"

We have had some great memories in this house but the great thing about memories

"you carry them with you no matter where you go"

xoxox Susie

Make your own School House Pendant

After making the school house chalkboard, I realized that our small hallway was dark.

I'm not sure why we never had a light put in while building. Weird?

I knew just the light fixture I wanted but they were crazy expensive.

So I headed to Home Depot.

There I found a light kit in the perfect finish.

At 14.00 I was sold!

It's a complete light fixture and all you add is your decorative globe.

Well that would be easy if the decorative globe I wanted fit.

The globe that's made for these kits are pretty small.


Above is the globe I loved.

It too is found at Home Depot for about 5.00...sold!

The problem now was....

The mouth of the globe was too large.

 I didn't let that stop me.

I searched the entire store. Top to bottom!

Where I found this!

It's your every day solar light.

Home Depot 3.00...sold!

It was a good fit and the finish matched the kit perfect!

Problem was the solar panel in the middle.

No worries.. I just used tin snips and cut it out.

Be careful with this part because the edges are sharp.

I then drilled 3 small holes close to the edge.

This will allow the screws to hold your globe in place.

I just slipped the solar panel lid over the socket and screwed on the ring.
(the ring was included in the kit)

The ring held the solar panel lid snug to the light kit and covered the jagged edge.

At this point I started getting excited and cheering...

This just might work!!!

I set my globe in place and tightened the screws.

Be careful not to go too tight.

I'm sure too much pressure could crack your globe.

You just want it snug enough to hold it securely in

After my part of  the DIY school house pendant was done, I passed the baton.

Jesse, my oldest picked up my slack.

He has mad electric skills and loves his Momma ;)

Please work..please work...

Looking good...

I adore this kid!

By golly miss molly ..


I love it!!

Now lets recap our price shall we..

Kit 14.00
Globe 5.00
Solar light 3.00

22.00 for a school house pendant ain't bad!

I can't believe what a change just one light fixture can make.

And I'm so  glad it worked!

I love the feeling of knowing I saved mucho money and achieved "the look".

Go forth..make something fun!

xoxox Susie