The secret to painting on glass

It's not really a secret....really.

It's just FUN!

Here's my quick low-down on painting on glass.

(please note that paint can and will chip off)

I started with a copy of my image.

I attached the image on the inside of my glass jar using Frogtape.

Thank you Frogtape!
(a swag gift from Haven)

Using a paint pen, I traced over the image.

It's that easy!

Here is a shot from inside the jar.

I repeated the step using another image for the backside.

Because glass and photos never play well....

 I just stuffed a red shirt inside.

I chose a Razorback for my husband.

His birthday is coming soon and this will be a gift for his office.

The possibilities are endless.

How cute would a monogram be!

Because it's for my sweetie's birthday, I filled it to the top with his favorite candies.

The image gets a bit lost with all of the candies but trust me,

It's cuter in person ;)

The jar came from Wal Mart.

Now. I know what you are thinking...

A bow?


Coming from the south, everything needs a bow!

Sorry hunny!

Now go Hog wild and paint something ;)

xoxox, Susie


  1. I love this! Such a cute idea. Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  2. You and your Hog Wild jar are just the cutest!

  3. This idea couldn't be any cuter!!!!! Gonna have to try this. Especially LOVE the hog! WPS!!!!!

  4. I love this idea!! It's been better since a Razorback. WPS your husband is going to love it.

  5. SMART! Pinned it, thanks for the great tutorial!

  6. So cute! Gonna have to make me one for my desk...only with LSU instead :)

  7. I am a Razorback! Love them Hogs! I am also an artist who paints on glass a lot. Be careful if you go back over the design, make sure it's dry or it will lift. Americana makes a paint for glass if you want more for an outline.
    He's going to love this!

  8. itsbebe...thank you thank you thank you. I did have this problem of painting over it wet and having it lift off. Thanks for sharing those tips and I will have to check out the Americana paint. Bloggers rock!!

  9. very cute Susie,, I've never tried painting on glass.

  10. This is actually a very helpful tip for me. Sometimes I just "wing it" or freehand things too often when there's no reason to. If I ever paint glass I will give this a shot! Thanks!

  11. So cute! You're right, the possibilities are endless! I'm thinking monogrammed Christmas gifts. Love it!

  12. Thanks for the idea. I love how your jar turned out!
    New Follower!


  13. Wooo Pig Soooie!!! Love this idea


  14. Are you sure I inspire you? I figured after the door header project you'd never speak to me again! ROFLOL :-D Ummm...and why yes, I do want to come to your house! :0) I wanted to come to Haven too! sniff sniff. (I NEEDED to hug your neck!) Hey, if you're ever in KY, give me a holler, I'd love to see you!
    Love ya much!

  15. OHHHH...and the gift for your hubby is adorable!! I made my guy a fathers day gift with that kind of theme in mind...sorta. I took a 6 pack of cream soda (dumped the soda in an empty 2 liter bottle) and washed them out. I filled them with his favorite snacks and made adorable labels for the fronts of the bottle and the carrier. :) It turned out too cute!

  16. Such a cute idea! Does he have a sweet tooth?! LOL

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