Rockin it!

First I have to say ...

This girl knows how to rock pumps!

Her name is Ana White.

She is my hero.

I mean, like who could build stuff and look like that? Really?

Well she does!

She even stands all cute like that... geez...

But don't be fooled by her adorable tool belt and purple pumps.

 This girls got skills!

She was the brains behind Maddy's storage bed and my foot bench.

Mad building skills I tell ya!

I soooo wanna be cool like her but for some reason...

My coolness gets lost somewhere behind my goofball nature and my unwillingness to wear heels.

(and just for the record)

I did wear something other than this green dress all weekend.

see...goofball nature

Then it happened.

Haven was over.

I felt lost. Kinda like the morning after Christmas.

Already counting down the days till our next.

Till then,

We toured Atlanta!

Our first stop was the Coke museum.

I was that close to the secret recipe.

Cool art

And a chance to taste a ton or drinks from around the world.

Do NOT drink the Beverly. trust me!

But nothing compares to the real deal...

xoxox susie


  1. You are just so precious!!

    And the Coke museum has some AWESOME art in it! Wow! Some of those pieces would rock in my game room!! :)

  2. I love goofball. :)
    I wanted to go to Haven so bad...I wanted to hang out with you and Melissa, Layla, Traci, Rhoda, Beth, Kate,Chris,Marian....and so on and so on...sigh. I just need to find someone that's going next year that will be willing to pick me up! lol (I do NOT drive in crazy places!! lol)
    Oh..and Ana does have some skills...and she def can rock out a pair of heels. I can build..but not in heels! Oy'! :) When I get my latest project posted you'll def have to come check it out...I built a window seat in my dining room, and it's almost done! woo hoo!! :)
    Love ya girlie!

  3. Ana and her heels... oh my that girl is beautiful!! Her session was so fun too! I can not believe I didn't see you! I probably did and didn't even realize it was you. I think after day two it was all a blur of names and faces. Haven was a great time for sure!
    Kim ~ Sand & Sisal

  4. I soooooooo wanna go to Haven next year.. I'd love to meet you and so many other bloggers that i've admired now for a while. And the coke factory sounds so cool.
    Ana White -- I never look that good when Im building something,, and I'd for sure break a leg if I tried it in pumps. But she does her projects.

  5. That Ana White is super fab! She rocks the pumps while building things, meanwhile I'm usually falling on things in flip-flops while asking my husband to build something.

    I missed her session - did she gives tips on being fabulous?

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  6. AnonymousJune 28, 2012

    Susie, I have to tell you that one of my favorite moments at Haven was meeting you. I now know why regular people who meet celebrities get so foolish. All I could say when I met you was "Susie". Ana was awesome but you are too.

  7. i LOVE the coke museum. just steppign in makes me all teary. yep. for real! and don't worry, i won't drink the beverly either... i did, however, trick my son into drinking it! hee, hee!!

  8. Hi Susie, so great to meet you in person! Thanks for taking your time to come chat with me!

    You are making me blush over here - I gotta send you a keeping it real photo!


  9. AnonymousJuly 07, 2012

    I loved meeting you, Susie! Our lunch together and our chat before Ana's session were definitely high points for me. Your photos turned out great! Ana sure rocked those purple pumps, didn't she?!

  10. Great blog you have here, Susie. Hope to meet you in person too. Keep rockin.

    KRW Hail Claims Lawyers

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