The secret to painting on glass

It's not really a secret....really.

It's just FUN!

Here's my quick low-down on painting on glass.

(please note that paint can and will chip off)

I started with a copy of my image.

I attached the image on the inside of my glass jar using Frogtape.

Thank you Frogtape!
(a swag gift from Haven)

Using a paint pen, I traced over the image.

It's that easy!

Here is a shot from inside the jar.

I repeated the step using another image for the backside.

Because glass and photos never play well....

 I just stuffed a red shirt inside.

I chose a Razorback for my husband.

His birthday is coming soon and this will be a gift for his office.

The possibilities are endless.

How cute would a monogram be!

Because it's for my sweetie's birthday, I filled it to the top with his favorite candies.

The image gets a bit lost with all of the candies but trust me,

It's cuter in person ;)

The jar came from Wal Mart.

Now. I know what you are thinking...

A bow?


Coming from the south, everything needs a bow!

Sorry hunny!

Now go Hog wild and paint something ;)

xoxox, Susie

Rockin it!

First I have to say ...

This girl knows how to rock pumps!

Her name is Ana White.

She is my hero.

I mean, like who could build stuff and look like that? Really?

Well she does!

She even stands all cute like that... geez...

But don't be fooled by her adorable tool belt and purple pumps.

 This girls got skills!

She was the brains behind Maddy's storage bed and my foot bench.

Mad building skills I tell ya!

I soooo wanna be cool like her but for some reason...

My coolness gets lost somewhere behind my goofball nature and my unwillingness to wear heels.

(and just for the record)

I did wear something other than this green dress all weekend.

see...goofball nature

Then it happened.

Haven was over.

I felt lost. Kinda like the morning after Christmas.

Already counting down the days till our next.

Till then,

We toured Atlanta!

Our first stop was the Coke museum.

I was that close to the secret recipe.

Cool art

And a chance to taste a ton or drinks from around the world.

Do NOT drink the Beverly. trust me!

But nothing compares to the real deal...

xoxox susie

Haven. Day one


It all started with these sweet girls.

Kristi not shown.

Their dream was to create a place where DIY'ers like myself, could meet, learn and grow.

And boy did they pull it off!

I purchased my ticket the first day they went on sale.

That's huge for me. ( a bit of a scared E cat)

Then a week before my trip I made business cards.

I cut, I glued, I stuffed bags... I cut, I glued, I stuffed bags....LOl

260 ladies attending... have mercy!

The Big day was finally here!

Rhoda (love her) opened the floor and the fun began.

We met Sherry and John from Young House Love.

Can you say adorable.

They had me laughing and inspired the bristles off my brush!

We then broke into sweet intimate sessions.

Why is it when I say intimate, I start to giggle?

 Anyway... LOL

Our groups were of nice size and we totally bonded, asked questions and DIY'ed!!

Can you have a crush on paint?  i do

I am now crushing on paint annnd Miss Mustard Seed.

This girl knows some stuff about paint.

So much in fact, she is starting her own line.

As soon as I can get my little hands on some, I will share all about it.

Anne Sloan chalk paint....Oh yeah!

From paint to pictures...

Layla and Kevin rocked it.

I no longer fear the "M" and I'm buying a new camera. ASAP

Haven made sure to allow plenty of time for breaks.

Oh my word!

These girls kept me in stitches.

All I can say is I will never ride the MARTA alone LOL

Carole and Kristy love these girls!

After break I headed to "Your Blog Design"

Kristi from Creative Kristi Designs was oh so informative.

She broke down some huge walls for me.

I only wish I could have put her in my pocket and brought her home.  ;)

She shared how the touch of one button could do so much.

Here is my blog up on the big screen.

Now what was that one button?

These four girls will forever hold a special place in my heart.

And this was just day one!

Want to read more recaps?

Hop over to Rhoda's I'm linking up!

xoxoxo Susie

Camera Strap from scraps DIY

Nothing like waiting till the last minute to pack.

This morning as I was checking everything off of my list and....

 It hit me!

My poor camera was naked.

No cute lil strap cover.
No time to waste.

So I grabbed the first bag of scraps I could find.

They were left over from my DIY carrots.

Loving the orange!

Maybe the linen for flowers ;)

With no time to research or make a pattern, I winged it!

I cut a long narrow strip that covered the strap.

Added some fluff stuff..

And sewed it together.

Pretty much I just made a tube..LOL

Like this..

I then ironed it flat.

I then started out making polka dot flowers.

My DIY for flower makin' can be found here.

It's easy and fast!

Not sure if I was feeling the orange flower or not.

Don't look too close at the back but I wanted to share how I attached them.

I added those cute little pins.

This way you can use them on about everything.

From camera straps to purses to blingin' up your toilet paper roll...

just kiddin!

I ditched the orange and decided on a slate blue instead.

I like!

Not too bad for a 45 minute project.

And before we start feeling too bad for the lil orange flower...

It found a home.

Right here on my laptop case that my Mom gave me.

Just perfect.

Kaylee, her friend Amanda and I are hitting the highway early in the AM

Atlanta bound for Haven!

Hope to share soon,