Summa' time

Today is the last day of school.

"Praise the Lord"

It's been a wonderful school year but I'm ready for some summer.

Last weekend I got hairbrained idea to paint the house.

If anything needs fixing you better do it before June.

It gets so hot here you just can't stand it.

So paint I did!

I also found these comfy chairs at Target.

If that was not enough...

I decided the playhouse needed painting too.

I was on a roll till...

Maddy screamed snake!!!


You don't think anyone will notice this unfinished piece will they?

I'm not going near there till the snake is gone.

Maybe people will be so busy looking at the new flowers they won't notice the huge unpainted spot.

Speaking of flowers and not snakes..

I have a new bed.

It's under one of our baby live oaks.

The great thing about live oaks are the low branches.

The limbs grow towards the ground.

As the tree grows in size, the limbs on the ground help support the trees weight.

This means lots of shade and cool places to play and lounge.

Now if I only had time to enjoy my little patio.

This girl has some orders to paint and catch up on.

A huge road trip is in my future and it involves some awesome blog friends!

Much Love, Susie


  1. Wrapping up the end of the school year...busy times. I am very impressed that you accomplished PAINTING YOUR HOUSE(s).
    I am going to ask the million dollar question...what color did you select? I guess I should ask...what color grey?
    It's very soothing, Susie!
    Your spring into summer yard is looking beautiful!

  2. Looks lovely! I really like the paint color on the house. Great inspiration!

  3. AnonymousMay 23, 2012

    Snakes give me the total heebie jeebies. I'd have run for the hills and stayed there for about a week!

  4. Everything looks amazing! I love the oak trees-We lost all the trees around our house last winter in the ice storm. I miss them! At least we have mild summers here. Love the paint job and the porch looks so inviting!

  5. Your home is looking lovely, you are one inspiring lady!

    I enjoy following your blog (^^,)

    Have a super day

  6. Yipes! I hate snakes and frankly, would have had to move. Serious fear here!

    Your house looks lovely, as always!
    Enjoy Summer! :)

  7. Love the part about the snake. The flowers are a perfect cover up. You never need to revisit that again!

  8. Guess what! This, I believe, is the exact color I painted our house!
    MAN we have great taste ;)

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