Small room. Many memories

We are expecting a weekend of rain so my pictures are hazy.

Funny how you can blame so many things on the weather...LOL.

Thought I would share Maddy's old room.

It went through so many changes over these past few years.

Toodler room where I made her first headboard.

Her brown Zebra stage.

Going grey and all big girlie.

One last look at her room just before she moved.

Here's her new Tween room!

So that leads us back here...

It reminds me of an old granny's room...ha!

We just keep throwing stuff in there like huge tents and fishing poles.

I don't want it to be one of those rooms.

So this weekend, BIG plans ahead. I think.

Unless my family takes me on a surpise tropical vacation or spa for Mothers day. LOL

Chances are looking pretty good for this sweet lil room filled with memories :)

Speaking of tropical, Maddy is having beach day at school today.

My heart goes out to the Teachers.

God Bless each and every one of you!

much love, Susie


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