Rise and shine!

I'm not one of those...

you know...

morning people.

It takes me awhile.

Just the mere words rise n shine made me want to hide under my covers. LOL

I love sleep


I love life more!

The older I get the happier I'm becoming.

In fact, I'm starting to love mornings!

It has a beauty that I never really noticed before.

A new beginning.

A chance to start fresh and renewed.

I love that!

I hope to pass on that JOY to Maddy.

She is like her Momma....a slow riser LOL

I hung this right next to her bathroom mirror.

A sweet reminder to give God her glory.

Even if it's 11:00 when she starts rolling out the bed...ha!

We are lovin' summer here.

If you are interested in "Rise and shine" you can contact me here

Much love, Susie


  1. We sing that song at VBS each year! Now I'm humming it. Beautiful sign!

  2. Very sweet and a perfect moto to live by.

    I'm off to rise and shine....


  3. Oh I love the colors on the board and everything you've done in that room! So cute! My mom use to play "Rise & Shine" on the piano Sunday mornings to get us out of bed... good memories!

  4. Susie, I visited your blog because I liked a project you posted on another site. Now I can't stop reading it. Not because I love the projects and pictures - which I do - but because your writing makes me remember how much I love God. Most importantly, you make me remember how much HE loves me. Just wanted you to know that, because there's no greater honor for one of His children than to be used to draw another back to His arms. Thank you.

  5. I love your blog and all your projects. Very talented and such a good Mom.

  6. I made my own "rise and shine" sign last year.

    I love this song. My mom used to sign it to us every morning to wake us up!



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