It's that place that you can't wait to leave...

but feels sooo good to come back to.


It's where you long to be even when the laundry is piled a mile high.

It's not place.

It's not a landmark.

Home is wherever I am with you.

I love this saying and was so excited when I was asked to paint it!

It's funny because it is not being shipped too far from home.

Just the next town over..

Speaking of home...

it's where we stayed over the holiday weekend.

It felt good.

I finished painting the play house with no snake drama.

Thank you Lord!

I also got around to painting a cute little sign for it.

cabin 3

It reminds me of the little cabins I stayed in at church camp.

And speaking of camp... LOL

Yes, we stayed in the tent again.

This time outside in the front yard.

I'm sure we give the neighbors plenty to laugh about...daily!

So now the summer has started and "I'm bored " is our new anthem.

All I gotta say is "Summer Camps" God bless em'

Much love, Susie


  1. Very sweet post, Susie! I remember once our whole family had to crowd into one hotel room and I was a little out of sorts over the hotel's mistake. After we were all scrunched in bed, I realized how happy I was. This sign is SO fitting!


  2. AnonymousMay 30, 2012

    Love this post Susie. Your little sign did remind me of church camp.

  3. I was babysitting my 12 year old cousin the other day and he said to me, "I'm bored." I told him I can't remember the last time I was bored! Was probably sometime in the 90's! Ah to be a kid again!

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