Day two at The Country Living Fair

Day Two we headed back to the fair.

I was so excited when we met Brent from the "Beekman Boys"!

He is one of those people that you just feel like you have known forever.

So sweet!

Looking at his rubber boots, you'd never know he was a physician turned goat farmer. LOL

This sweetie is Colorado.
He lost his Mommy at birth and is now being bottle raised by the most polite 4-H'er I have ever met.

Oh yeah... back to the fair..

Is this chair not the BOMB-dee-diggidy!

And her awesome headboards.

And I thought my headboard was creative...LOL

Letter Love...

Sign envy..

Pillow Passion!

Teeny Tiny plants...

and accessories for  teeny tiny gardens..

How cute!!

I will make this cabinet for my wall...

One day....

Still lovin' these bath day ..

Real subway art here!
These once hung on double decker buses. Neat!!

On day one Missy and I ran into a sweet blog reader named Peggy.

She shared with us a few neat must see places.

Thank you Peggy!

Hey Cupcake!!!

I thought I had died and went to heaven.

It made up for us getting lost and turning a 15 minute drive into a afternoon affair.

She also recommended this cool store.

"sorry no pictures" sign almost made me cry.

We stopped for lunch here at Guero's.
Have Mercy it was good!
Our waiter knew right off that we were from Louisiana.
He is a native too and our accents brought him home..ha!

The one thing I regret the most (other than the 23 wrong turns I made) was not meeting  Kristy.

We tried to meet up but it just didn't happen.  :(

Not to worry though...I'm saving my hugs for you in Haven next month!

Much Love, Susie


  1. WOW that looks fun!!! I need to go to it one day:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. Oh, LUCKY YOU!!!! Keep the pictures coming!!!

  3. A blog I also read, 'Little Pumpkin Grace' posted a picture they took of the calf Colorado. I read her blog yesterday and when I saw your picture, I said-he looks familiar! He won a lot of hearts this weekend!

  4. I hate that we missed each other too... but it'll make Haven that much sweeter! ((big hugs a'waitin))

    LOVE your documentary of the fair! I think I may have missed some booths tho! WOWZAA! ;)

  5. This is really some nice that headboard and the original subway art. I'd love to go to something like this, I have to keep my eyes and ears open!


  6. Looks like ya'll are having an amazing time! I love it when I travel and meet fellow Louisianian's who recognize the accent as well.

  7. I'm so sorry I missed seeing y'all!
    We only went on Friday, and I snapped many of the same images. LOVED that chair, too!


  8. Miss Susie! Is there any chance that you know what those plants are-- the ones on the book shelf, light colored green, straight pokey leaves curled over? I would love to know!

  9. Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!
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  10. I'm so sad I didn't get to go! I'm in Houston so its not too far for us but it looks amazing! And Hey Cupcake just might be the best thing EVER! Love them :) Glad you enjoyed the Friendly State!

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