Counting my blessings

How do you put a title on a post like this?

I mean, can you really title motherhood?

It means the world to me.

It defines me.

It's those 360 days of praying, caring, loving... all being recognized in one day.

It's the bathroom turned toilet papered spa.

Cards made with an 11 year old hands.

Tiny packages filled with thought.

Like this adorable bracelet my daughter ordered for me.

And these sweet earrings my son picked out.

Maybe it the tweets that I find after the day is over.

Or the exhausted husband that showered me with love, a morning Sonic coke and lunch.

How do you put a title on it?

You don't.

You just drink it up. Savor it.

Make it fuel your soul to push on another 360 days.


The biggest blessing I could ever receive!

Much Love, Susie


  1. Susie, I LOVE what your children did! You are so loved, that's totally what Mother's day is about! I adore your home made card! I'm glad you had a special day!

  2. For them to give and honor you says everything about who you are . . . BEAUTIFUL!

  3. How sweet! You sure have raised them right and it shows!!
    Happy Mother's Day to you!

  4. So sweet! Where are the earrings from? I love them. :)

  5. Susie, you are blessed to have such great kids. The best gifts are not the material ones, but the hugs, the handmade cards and the thoughts that make them special. You deserve it all!


  6. Such a sweet day for a sweet mom.

  7. Happy Late Mother's Day! Looks like you had a great day! Mine was bittersweet...I guess I'll never have another normal Mother's Day with Mom being gone, but my guys outdid themselves! :)


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