Rise and shine!

I'm not one of those...

you know...

morning people.

It takes me awhile.

Just the mere words rise n shine made me want to hide under my covers. LOL

I love sleep


I love life more!

The older I get the happier I'm becoming.

In fact, I'm starting to love mornings!

It has a beauty that I never really noticed before.

A new beginning.

A chance to start fresh and renewed.

I love that!

I hope to pass on that JOY to Maddy.

She is like her Momma....a slow riser LOL

I hung this right next to her bathroom mirror.

A sweet reminder to give God her glory.

Even if it's 11:00 when she starts rolling out the bed...ha!

We are lovin' summer here.

If you are interested in "Rise and shine" you can contact me here

Much love, Susie



It's that place that you can't wait to leave...

but feels sooo good to come back to.


It's where you long to be even when the laundry is piled a mile high.

It's not place.

It's not a landmark.

Home is wherever I am with you.

I love this saying and was so excited when I was asked to paint it!

It's funny because it is not being shipped too far from home.

Just the next town over..

Speaking of home...

it's where we stayed over the holiday weekend.

It felt good.

I finished painting the play house with no snake drama.

Thank you Lord!

I also got around to painting a cute little sign for it.

cabin 3

It reminds me of the little cabins I stayed in at church camp.

And speaking of camp... LOL

Yes, we stayed in the tent again.

This time outside in the front yard.

I'm sure we give the neighbors plenty to laugh about...daily!

So now the summer has started and "I'm bored " is our new anthem.

All I gotta say is "Summer Camps" God bless em'

Much love, Susie

Country Living, My Picks

I was so excited when Country Living asked me (girl squeals) to help them out.

They were looking for 50 great (off the beaten path ) places to see this summer.

I was asked to represent Louisiana.

How in the world do I just pick 3 from a state so rich in culture?

I did!

Here are just 3 of my favorites out of a million LOL.

The Red Onion

It's nestled right on the skirt of Baton Rouge.
15680 Perkins Rd to be exact.

You really have to be looking for it or you will pass this jewel by.

This small cabin is stocked full of unique gifts, native Louisiana plants, jewelry and original art work.

This sweet shop is my go to place for one of a kind gifts.

It's also where I find most of my plants.

If you are ever in Baton Rouge please add this to your must see list.

You will thank me!

Now where would my Southern manners be if I didn't share this next pick with y'all?

The Coffee House at The Cajun Village

It is the small town of Sorrento's pride n joy!

Located on 6490 Hwy 22 Sorrento, La

The Coffee house was once a family home (1830) moved from the West bank of Mississippi.

It now is the home of the best tastin' beignets this side of the river!

Not only can you get your sweet on, you can visit one of their many shops.

If you're lucky, you might just catch a glimpse of "Big guy & Nubbie".

The Village pets. Gators of course ;)

So where do Cajuns go for good food and to pass a good time?

Tin Lizzy's landin'

It's located off the Tickfaw River in Springfield Louisiana.

My Grandpa and Dad would bring me here as a kid.

Back then, I ate no seafood and only burgers LOL

Don't let the rusty tin fool ya.

Although it looks close to giving way and becoming one with the muddy river...

Walk inside and you're takin' back by her beauty!

This rustic castle holds treasures from the owners past trips and antiques galore.

The seafood is pretty tasty too!

I'm not a drinker but I can sure vouch for their Crispy Catfish. Yum!

You can visit here to see what Country Living has to say  about our Tin Lizzy's.

Thank you Country Living for allowing me to share my great state with all of you.

laissez les bons temps rouler,

Summa' time

Today is the last day of school.

"Praise the Lord"

It's been a wonderful school year but I'm ready for some summer.

Last weekend I got hairbrained idea to paint the house.

If anything needs fixing you better do it before June.

It gets so hot here you just can't stand it.

So paint I did!

I also found these comfy chairs at Target.

If that was not enough...

I decided the playhouse needed painting too.

I was on a roll till...

Maddy screamed snake!!!


You don't think anyone will notice this unfinished piece will they?

I'm not going near there till the snake is gone.

Maybe people will be so busy looking at the new flowers they won't notice the huge unpainted spot.

Speaking of flowers and not snakes..

I have a new bed.

It's under one of our baby live oaks.

The great thing about live oaks are the low branches.

The limbs grow towards the ground.

As the tree grows in size, the limbs on the ground help support the trees weight.

This means lots of shade and cool places to play and lounge.

Now if I only had time to enjoy my little patio.

This girl has some orders to paint and catch up on.

A huge road trip is in my future and it involves some awesome blog friends!

Much Love, Susie

Make a joyful noise!

Today Madison had her first voice recital.

She has been taking private lessons from Dr. Kori.

We love her so!

She has encouraged Madison to let her little light shine!

And boy this Mom could not be prouder.

This is her first year and I was a nervous wreck!

Madison was cool and collected.

She was born to sing...

In this picture she looks like her lips were sealed shut. LOL

She was waiting for her music ;)

Psalms 98:4

"Make a joyful noise unto the Lord... make a loud noise,
and rejoice
and sing praise."

Much Love, Susie

Almost there!

Here is our  tiny guest bedroom (once Maddy's) almost complete!

I started out with my 10.00 table,

Maddy's unused Target lamp,

Vintage looking clock from Wal Mart and

a small plant from Lowes.

I then made a fabric headboard (that took about 30 minutes).

More on that later.

And found the cutest bedding ever at Kohls!

I needed art.

Nothing too busy but fun.

Can letters be fun?  I think so..

This is what I came up with.

I lived with it for a day and just knew it was missing something.

Pops of color?

I can do that!

So I painted one of my #1 sellers

"Every little thing is gonna be alright".

And that silver mirror turned Navy.

It was starting to get there... little by little.

I removed the red from my plank DIY mirror and that helped a lot!

But it was still missing some whimsy.


How bout another sign?

That did it!!!

At first I was afraid it was too much.

Then I reminded myself that small rooms need BIG personalities.  :)

Oh ....



It came together...

I did keep the old granny chenille blanket. LOL

I'm hunting now for a navy rug and curtains.

If you have a good source I would love to hear it.

So can small rooms go BIG?

I think so!

I smile every time I pass it.

What would really make me smile is filling it with family.

Much love, Susie