A special order

I love when I can squeeze in custom orders.

It gives me a sweet break from my ordinary.

Not that my ordinary is not sweet.... ;)

I love working with clients and bringing their ideas to life.

She loved this quote and needed it large.

36" x 48" large ;)

It would look perfect behind a bed.

I would have tried it out behind mine but I had just made my bed.

lazy like that.. LOL

It's always a challenge getting their thoughts and ideas to fit.

And I sooo love when it just comes together.

I'm trying to balance between being a Mom and painter this week.

Spring breaks are oh so sweet!

xoxo Susie


  1. Love it! How do you hang your pieces up all over your house w/out making holes hehe :)


  2. Very, very nice, . . . I like!

  3. Oh...this is so cute! I would put it behind my bed definitely!


  4. My personal favorite is still: Every little thing, is gonna be alright.


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