New signs and crazy weekends!

One of the things I love most about painting a special piece are the stories behind them.

It's always an honor and a blessing to play a small role in them.

Thank you for sharing.

The chalkboard inspired wedding signs have been a big hit.

This one is just a bit different from the last one.

Trying to catch up before our girls road trip, I needed a break!

The Crawfish were calling my name!

Hands down, this is my favorite food!

NOTHING.... compares to good weather, a healthy family and hot crawfish!

The smell ......if I could bottle it I would.
It's that good!

Mushrooms are like little sponges, they soak up all the yummy juices.

Have mercy!

No editing on these photos...

It's the real deal.

We all find our place around the table.

Do a quick (silent) search for the biggest claws..LOL

Have our favorite drink close at hand.


Throw in a huge Catholic wedding and your weekend is complete.

My cousins daughter got married this past weekend and what a beautiful wedding it was.

After the wedding we went straight to the reception.

Close to our table was a photo booth...

We tried to act normal...

But something about a photo booth just...

Brings out the crazy in you...

Now if you made it all the way to the end of this post..

Bless your heart!

I'm packing today.

So far, no sick kids and no blown tires although I do have poison ivy LOL

Much Love, Susie


  1. Wow - that looks like a fun way to eat!!

    Sounds like a lovely weekend.

    Gemma x

  2. I love crawfish...and I've never tried putting mushrooms with them. What a fabulous idea!! Your signs are adorable, by the way....sorry, I got distracted by the food pics!

  3. Love your signs! I never had crawfish.

  4. We went to a crawfish boil once hosted by a friend from New Orleans. For us Chicagoans, it was a big treat!

    Love your new signs and oooh...poison ivy?!


  5. Happy travels to you and the sis,, roadtrips are always fun with sisters. Crawfish boils are so much fun,, I dont eat the crawfish but shrimp are always added for me. Good times for sure.

  6. Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!
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  7. That's what I want for Mother's Day....crawfish and mushrooms and a Rt 44!

  8. You have an absolutely adorable family!

  9. I just love all your posts! The photo booth pictures cracked me up! Hope you guys have a fun trip -- can't wait to see your pics. :)

  10. Iiiieeeeee! Wow that is some good looking crays.

  11. OK, that is so mean. Now I am salivating!!!! I love crawfish!!! Have never thought of adding mushrooms to the pot. That is simply brilliant!!!!!!!!

  12. That all looks so yummy. You cook it and eat it similarly to our New England clam boils.
    Fun pics.

  13. Oh my goodness - I am just a California girl through and through because there is no way I could eve touch that stuff! I know everyone says its delish but I just think they still look to alive to touch! I am such a wimp. I'll stick to my avocado sandwich I think! :)

  14. Wonderful! I love your new heart sign. THe meal actually looks beautiful. I have never had that! Please visit me for a chance to win Annie Sloan's book!

  15. Sorry about your poison ivy...take care!!!

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