Fun stuff

Every year before Easter, I plan an egg get together.

The kids dye eggs and we just eat. Pure fun!

Kaylee and Maddy decorated their own fruit pizzas.

These are so good!

You just take a sugar cookie roll and bake it.
Spread on cream cheese mixed with cool whip and layer fruit.

So easy and so pretty!

As the years progress, Jess is doing less eggs and more eats. Ha

On another fun note..

Do y'all remember when I redid my room and was given this adorable pillow?

Well, Mrs. Judy listed more in her Etsy shop and even named it her "Susie pillow" ...hehe.

I have never had a pillow named after me before.  :)

I just wanted to share that  Mrs. Judy is having a huge sale!

It begins Saturday and will run thru Wednesday.

She has listed a lot of new items so I would love it if you would pay her a visit.

She is the sweetest thing!

Thank y'all

xoxo Susie


  1. Hey Sista,
    Looks like a wonderful weekend.
    Love the pillows, I will jump over and visit Mrs.Judy. Her work is fabulous.

  2. What a fabulous weekend!! Her pillows are so cute! I'll have to take a peek at her shop:)


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