DIY Shabby Mirror

I have a new DIY to share with y'all today.

My inspiration came from Rhoda's post here.

She is always finding the neatest shops and treasures.

I LOVED this mirror!

So I started with my basic design from a previous mirror DIY.

It consist of a 24"x48" piece of birch found at Lowes and a mirror from Wal Mart.

I marked just where I wanted my mirror to go.

I then used some poplar strips to make planks. 
(also found at Lowes)
 You will have to cut a few down to smaller pieces to fit.

You can see here how I had to cut some down to size.

Using some liquid nails, I glued my mirror in place.

I then started to paint some watered down gray paint onto my planks.

This will help give them that aged look I so love.

Randomly, I added some watered down colors.

Any color would work.

These are just a few of my favorites.

After my paint dried, I sanded my planks and added a bit of stain.

I also cut some screen molding to fit around the mirror.

This will cover any boo boo's you may have.

Keep in mind rustic.

I then glued my planks and molding down.
You may need to add a few nails to hold em in place.
I think the nails just add to the rustic'isty :)


Blurry a bit but wanted to show you how it looks here.

I love how I can change a room from fancy shabby to rustic shabby in just minutes.

I have a spare room now and tried it out in there.

Hmmmm... maybe?

I then moved it into my studio.

Here again, fancy shabby meets rustic shabby LOL

I love that my house can just roll with it.

Not sure if rustic shabby mirror will call this room home.

Nothing like having to look at yourself all day painting.

Not. LOL

I'm sure it will find a place soon.

Much love, Susie


  1. This turned out so good!
    It's so "summery". I love pale green, and rusty red!
    Thanks for another great tutorial!

  2. SUPER DUPER cute!!! i love it!

  3. WoW ... Looks great every where you put it.
    Wish I had a beach house ...wouldn't that look great!

  4. I hope this is one thing that you will keep for brings a nice pop of color to your rooms.

  5. Very, very nice . . . I LIKE!

  6. This is awesome! I'm sure it will be a focal point wherever you hang it! I love it!


  7. Love, Love, Love this mirror! I can't wait til I have time to do some projects like this. Time coming soon hopefully!

  8. Great mirror! I am laughing because I have that exact rabbit that you have on your mantel.

    Do you think you could just make this project with the poplar strips and hang the mirror on top?

    Great project! I am pinning this :)


  9. The mirror turned out perfect. The watered down colors look beautiful!

  10. Oh how I love this project.

  11. This is precious! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me!

  12. I love making mirrors. Thanks for another great tutorial Susie! You're AMAZING!!!!

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