Saturday we shopped for tents and fishing baits.

Maddy would have to pick the largest tent known to man kind.

Thank goodness her Daddy talked her down a size.

If not, it would have never fit. LOL

Note to self: Don't let EZ up fool you.

I'm so glad things like "new tents" still bring joy to our girl.

She is growing way too fast for us.

Our first night was a trial run in the den.

Homes are for living ;)

Fully furnished ;)

We even had cable!

So Maddy snuggled in between her Daddy and I.

And we camped..

She couldn't wait to bring that baby outside on Sunday!

No more comfort. No more AC. No more Cable.

We traded those for the BIG SKY and caterpillars.

Daddy was replaced by her friend and guess who was the wing man?

Lucky me. LOL

So we read to one another.

And we laughed out loud..

And some of  "us" even slept.

Nothing like camping :)

xoxo Susie


  1. I love camping!
    The weather was perfect here...not JULY hot! :)

  2. What a perfect weekend and lucky you!


  3. Oh the memories you are making! Makes the caterpillars,mosquitos or bugs almost tolerable. We have camped for years (both tents and trailers) but in the early years our boys loved setting the huge tent up in our family room on March Break (usually snowy and freezing here in Ontario then) for a sleepover with their cousins.

  4. Susie, that had to be FUN! Making memories like THAT is exactly what great parenting sounds like to me! She will never forget that you let her have the TENT in the HOUSE the first night! I love that you said that homes are for living because sometimes we can forget that. Thank you for sharing!

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