We hydrated our bodies.

I cleaned my car out.

I even flat ironed my hair for Pete's sake!

The biggest garage sale in town was going down today....we thought.

Nope. Did. Not. Happen.

After an hour long drive in bumper to bumper Baton Rouge traffic, we found out..

 It starts tomorrow.

So what did we do?  LOL...really hard. really!

My sister has a way of taking an opps and turning it into opportunity.

And who would have guessed we would run smack dab into an Estate sale!

Yes we did!

I found two very old oak tables.

This drop leaf table was only 20.00.

I didn't even know it had a cute little drawer filled with treasures inside.

My sister pointed it out to me after we got home.

This is table #2


It's a wee one and fits perfect in so many spaces.

I'm kinda groovin' the paint job.

Who knows.. I'm wanting to take a Annie Sloan Chalk Paint workshop.

Am I the only blogger left that has yet to try this stuff?

So today our opps turned into opportunity.

I'm hitting the hay early tonight.

They say the second times a charm...  ;)

xoxox Susie


  1. You are not the only one that has not tried the chalk paint yet. :-)

  2. Drooling over the drop lead table! And what a price!! Yay! for you :)

  3. These are so great!


  4. Lucky girl! Love that drop leaf table! And I also have not tried the chalk paint....so you are not the last by any means! LOL Sandy

  5. Funny Susie! Glad to see you gals have a good sense of humor! Love the tables too! Good luck today !

  6. Cool! You found some good stuff anyway. I held out on Annie Sloan too until i happened upon a lady selling it, and decided to try some. I painted my brown wood bed with it, and loved the way it just grabbed right onto the shiny surface... these look like Annie Sloan candidates to me!


  7. I tried the chak paint on an old bench that was gifted to me and love it! Try it soon! I'm looking for other things to paint cause one can of paint lasts a while.

  8. All this furniture is so classic. I think this furniture is very strong and will stay long lasting. Loves the tables.

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  9. Loving those tables!!

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