On this day...

On this day every year, my sister and I stay close.

If we cannot be in one anothers company, we call one another about a gazillion times.

On this day...

We visit pretty places close to home.

We make sure to surround ourselves with beauty.

We search for unknown treasures around the corner...

On this day...

It doesn't really matter where we go..

as long as we can travel our road together.

On this day..

We discuss the process of making twice baked potatoes.

Prices of cloth diapers while nether of us have babies.

Where we will eat.

We talk about the neat things that must have happened in this town.

I brag on how my husband used a mop for the first time.

We drool over their porches.

And cute iron fences.

We wonder...out loud.

We jot things down for our make believe new houses.

Like ivy covered sun porches.

Our minds stay busy.

We remodel roadside homes in mere seconds .

We do lunch before checking out our brand new Joann's in town.

 We appreciate one another.

We remember.

We miss.

Happy Birthday my sweet little brother.
 Happy Birthday
xoxo Susie


  1. What a sweet way to remember someone you love so much...together!

  2. Sweet post, and a fabulous reminder for those of us that need to take time to remember our baby brother who is no longer with us. Thank you for that!

  3. Oh Susie,
    My baby brother's birthday is March 21st. He is no longer with us.
    Your little trip around town was very sweet!
    It's one of your hug posts!

  4. What a beautiful post and what a sweet tribute to your handsome brother!

  5. What a wonderful way to remember your brother. My brother in law's birthday would be today too. My husband and I were missing him too. My niece and her daughter let a balloon go in the air for "Grandpa Mike" today. Sending love to you and your family as you remember.

  6. Glad to hear you have someone to share the day with.

  7. Ok.. Held it together at the grave yard, passing the church our dear sweet mawmaw visited as a young woman. Kept holding it together thru lunch and a trip through Whole Foods.... NOW I've lost it reading you dear sweet blog.... LOVE YOU! Together we will grow very very old! And yes, I will be there to hold your hand when you are 50 having that colon. Haha
    Love, Sista

  8. I will be thinking of you today, Susie, and your sweet sister.


  9. sharing grief makes it just a little more tolerable. Blessings to you and your sister.

  10. I'm so sorry for your families loss, and I understand more than I'd like, we lost our brother 6 years ago this past Sunday, it's so hard but like you I have a sister to help carry on, it's worse for her because they were only 11 months apart. Bless You.

  11. Great pictures, nice way to remember your little brother...

    Greetings, Pietrik

  12. So sweet of the two of you remembering him together. I spent the day remembering as well. My grandmothers birthday is the 20th and she was my favorite person in the world. She always knew how to make everything right :) Hugs to you and Missy!

  13. I couldn't wait to get the the end to know why you marked the day. So special! I'm touched. Thanks for sharing.

  14. What a beautiful way to remember someone. Thanks for sharing.

  15. such a beautiful post susie. your little brother was very handsome :)

  16. I couldn't think of a better way to remember someone I know ya'll both loved dearly!

  17. Tell your sister I "held it together" as I read this lovely post until I got to her comment. I can only pray that I'm held as dearly in my family's heart someday.

  18. My baby brother's birthday was March 8 and I celebrated his life on that day. He will be forever stopped in time as will your brother and we will remember them with love as we age. Savor those sweet memories.


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