Girls Craft Camp 2012

Friday I loaded the car with craft essentials and taco makings


hit the road!

My sister opened her camp to a few of us girls.

So we crafted!

This was a first for some of the girls.

They arrived saying  "I can't "


departed feeling proud and saying "I did"

We did a lot of painting and laughing..

and did I mention..


They learned some fun tricks like drawing that perfect circle.

And trying to find service in the middle of no where. LOL

It was fun just hanging out with friends.

No worries, no schedules and no makeup!

I loved watching confidence grow as their eggs started to take shape.

We took a lot of breaks along the way...ha!

We snapped a few.

We found the beginnings of spring..

Not to mention these yummy chocolates my sister had waiting for us!

And the adorable decorations tucked in all the right places.

She even cued the butterflies while on our trail ride..

She's cool like that ;)

We then got back to the business at hand.

More painting and food!

Are these not the cuteset eggs ever!!

I am so proud of my little peeps!

Way to go girls!

I then rushed home on Sunday to get ready for this girls 21st Birthday.

Happy Birthday Shelby!
(Jesse's girlfriend)

And you wanna know what she wanted to make?

An egg! Love her

This weekend was so full of wonderful that I will never forget.

Today, it's full of laundry LOL

xoxo Susie


  1. So fun!! love the eggs! Every girl needs a girls' weekend:)

  2. Love the eggs! Did you find the wood pre-cut somewhere? How did you do the lettering? Great project!

  3. These are adorable. I love weekends like that too!

  4. what fun!!! i'm jealous because my own family is so far away... but seeing those veggie cans on the counter where shelby was painting her egg made me LAUGH! i was using cans this weekend when painting doors off my bathroom cabinets. lol veggies aren't just for dinner anymore!

  5. That looks so fun! I'm loving your eggs. What a cute idea. I've noticed they are popping up on Etsy already though :( I'm assuming they saw your great idea and ran with it...

  6. Hi AmanDa! Oh these eggs were not my idea. Wish they were though ;) I found them on pinterest and put my twist on them.

  7. It looks like such a fabulous day Susie! Fun, art, fellowship and food! Doesn't get much better than that....and I love those eggs!

    Lou Cinda

  8. Oh MY. Those are, not dar-ling, but DARLIN'! (and the lettering is crazy good...that looks like you Susie)

  9. This is such a fun looks like all of you are having a ball! Crafts, good food {love the veggie pizza!}, friends and family, spring weather! You had it all. Thanks for sharing with us. The eggs are too cute!


  10. I HAVE to know where you got the wood from?? I went to Michaels today & they didn't have it. Did you have it cut or did you buy it that way??

  11. What a great idea! The Easter eggs turned out so cute :)

  12. I think your girls camp idea is so much fun! I've got think about putting something like that together for a few friends here!

  13. So much fun! I wish I could come to one of your craft camps! I have a question about the wood you use for your signs and these egg shapes... where do you get it (or can you recommend an on-line company) and what kind is it (popular?) I'd like to make a couple frames with wide edges so I can write a verse/phrase in vinyl around the edges. Thanks Susie-I love your blog!

  14. I love those egg door decor! Could you tell me the name of the dark pink color (raspberry shade)? It is perfect for this project.

    Kindredly, Lynnie

  15. @Susie - that makes me feel better. No one "twisted" your idea though. Same colors, design etc. I don't get too ruffled by it, I think all artists get inspiration from others. But I was a bit surprised how EXACTLY it was like yours. I love all your signs!

  16. such a great idea,, wish i could get all my sisters/daughters,neices and mom together to do this. I love all the eggs they look great,, Do you have a trick to cuttting out a good egg shape? I tried drawing one and well lets just say it didnt quite look right. Thanks

  17. I love these!! I especially love the "Sanchez" egg (that's my maiden name) I wanna go to camp lol


  18. Susie it sounds like a tutorial is due lol
    Crossing my fingers!!


  19. Did I miss a post about where you purchased your egg shapes? Or did you have them made? What are the dimensions?

    Love this!!

  20. I find it very rude that people have repeatedly asked you where you have sourced your egg shapes and you continue to ignore everyone. If you prefer that people purchase the painted eggs from you, just say so. Don't just ignore people who take the time to come to your blog, compliment your work & question where you purchase your supplies.

    In a similar vein, I emailed you recently to inform you that someone on Etsy was blatantly ripping off your work. You didn't take the time then either to acknowledge my email. If you're not interested in people contacting you, commenting or asking questions, don't post your email address or turn comments on.

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