Because He Lives

Easter brings so many of my feelings to the surface.

A list started to compile on my heart.

And do you know not one thing would be possible for me without HIM.


Because He lives...

I can...

I'm one of those take charge do it myself kinda girls.

I struggle with accepting help from others.

I want need to be the helper.

This really put me into my place.

So I painted a reminder to hang in my office.

Because He lives...I can.

Because He Lives measure 23" x 7"
Cost of sign is 25.00 plus shipping.

Email me here for more info


  1. So simple yet so profound, love it!

  2. LOVE this sign! Brought chills to my arms! Emailing you to see how to purchase one! :)

  3. perfect reminder. Somehow we often flow through our days without acknowledging that very simple thing. lovely.

  4. We opened our church service with this very song this morning - always one of my favorites!

  5. You are so right! What a great sign and a great reminder. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Definitely needing this very reminder today. Thank you! The sign is beautiful!

  7. The sign is wonderful. This is just simple but just elegant. Thanks for sharing with us!

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