A little baseball

Our spring break started as the school bell rang.

So how did we kick it off?

A little LSU/ARK baseball!

Our seats were awesome.

The weather .. textbook perfect.

I love baseball.

I understand it unlike every other sport. LOL

Maddy and her friend Jordan even enjoyed the game.

I had to smile when they both walked out ready to go..

Rockin' their 80's do.. ;)

It didn't really matter who won this game.

When it comes to LSU and ARK...it's a win win in our house.

Between the 4 of us we consumed way too much stadium food.

My favorite part of baseball... popcorn!

Can you believe when we made it home late last night...

I was hungry!

Baseball will do that to ya!

The highlight of Marc's night..

On the way home we had to stop at his office.

Keep in mind that he works in Baton Rouge.

We pulled up to see this!!!

Four deer!!

What a night~

xoxo Susie

Vintage Eye Charts & A Winner

I have this huge wall behind my loveseat.

It has been a gallery wall.

A Christmas Tree backdrop.

A buffer between my bedroom and the rest of the world LOL.

For the last few months... it's been empty.

So I thought I would try out a new sign.

A vintage inspired eye chart.

It's not true to scale but that doesn't stop everyone from testing their sight LOL.

Speaking of eye exams, I need one.

It's pretty big.

The sign measures 24" x 30" and does take up some of the space.

I think I need to add another one though.

Maybe another eye chart in a different design?

It took me forever to paint those teeny tiny letters.

Maybe I should have my head examined instead of my eyes. LOL

So what do y'all think?

Oh...my memory is failing too..ha!

I forgot the phone cover giveaway.

So the lucky winner is

Congrats leslie!

Hope y'all have a great weekend.

xoxox Susie


Yesterday morning Maddy enjoyed her last meal brace free.

It seems like middle school is the stage of major changes.

If you can survive middle school...

We are using the same Ortho as we used for Kaylee.

Dr. Hollis.

He is a family friend and the kids love him!

Did you know you can pick colors now?

When I had braces years ago, silver. That's it. Silver.

Maddy picked pink and teal.

She even has her next few color choices picked out for future appointments..ha!

I had some awesome zoomed in pictures but.

Middle school is hard enough.
Who needs their Mom putting your stretched out face on the web.

I'm keeping my promise ;)

Seems like just yesterday we celebrated her first tooth!

Now it's every six weeks with Dr. Hollis.

So after her braces, we just hung out.

So far she has yet to complain. Thank you Lord!

                                                    I'm wishing I could slow the clock down..just a little.

This Mom is in no rush.

xoxo Susie

hello cello!

Who loves to dress up their peeps for Easter?

I do. I do!

I love coming home with a few pre-Easter goodies for decorations.

Doesn't that bag smell soooo good!

So you get home and  lay out your goods and all you see is boxes.

Just how in the world do you make it cute?

((The  $5.00 wire basket is from Wal mart a few years back but I think they still sell them.))

Adding a little ribbon can do wonders!

I just weaved it in and out...

And finished it off with a simple bow.

Now this is where my love for cellophane runs deep.

You know those lil party bags in the party section?

Yes! love em~

For my peeps I cut the end so it would be open on both ends.

I then added a little bow to each end.

How simple! How sweet!

Now you can show them off and they won't go stale on ya.

I didn't stop there.

I cello'ed everything ;)

Making nest with grass and eggs... hello cello!

I love to use the paper grass.

It's much easier to clean up after and cuter too!

Something as simple as cellophane bag

can turn your basket

from ordinary

to extraordinary!

                                     I'm always looking for new ways to use these clear bags whenever I can.
                                                                            Love em!

How do you use them?

Now this is the kinda mess

I like to clean up :)

xoxox Susie

Moments like these...

The past two weeks have been crazy here.


Maddy has been preparing for Junior High cheer try outs.

Meaning, a lot of take out, hours in the gym, piles of laundry, and sleepless nights.

A total of 52 girls were trying out.

That's a lot for her small school.

She was 24th in line to give it all she had.

Win or try again next year, she knew we were proud.

Many prayers were said to protect her heart no matter the outcome.

Try outs began at 2:30 and ended at 4:30

So how did she do?

I'm sure our faces tell it all.  :)

It was so sweet how Kaylee couldn't get here fast enough.. hehe

To shower Maddy with hugs and the cutest stuffed animal.

I'm so happy that they have each other.

Sisters are just something so special.

I still can't believe my baby will be a 7th grader next year.

This sweet child of mine.

She just makes me so proud.

Not only because she made the team.

But because she worried all night about the precious girls that didn't.

I love her heart.

It's there that her beauty shines!

xoxo Susie

Phone Cover Giveaway!

Mamma Mia' I love my new phone cover!

A while back I was visiting some new blogs and ran into Rosieposiedesigns.

Lets just say....instant love right there I tell ya!

So I contacted the beautiful girl behind these awesome designs, Ashley.

And a friendship began.

I love the quality and with my track record...

it's needed   ;)

So now I'm rockin my new phone cover and would love to share one with YOU!

There are so many designs to pick from..have mercy!

I almost picked this one..


Maybe a girl can have two right? ;)

Oh and then there is this one.. hello love'

But my heart just kept bringing back to this sweet one.

What's your favorite?

All you have to do is be a follower and leave a comment here and you're in!

I hope you visit Ashley over at Rosieposiedesigns where you can design your very own.

A winner will be drawn Monday evening.

Good Luck!

xoxo Susie