Ruffles in lime

Maddy's new chair was just begging for some ruffles and fluff...ha!

You may remember when I shared my ruffle pillow DIY here.
I just removed the pink fluff and reused her pillow.

I cut strips about 3" in width using the entire length of the fabric.

Or would that be width?

Anyway...I bought a 1/2 yard of fabric and cut it into 3" strips.  ;)

Now that I have confused y'all including myself.. good gravy!

I gathered the strips and did a single stitch right down the center.

I didn't worry with the edges...

We like the frayed look.

This go around I left the center of the pillow plain.

I liked the look of the white showing.

This project took maybe 45 minutes and was fun to boot!

For her bed...

I started with a place mat that coordinated with her chair.

My sister shares the DIY here.

Not only are we adding color this go around....texture is a must!

Nothing like a fur pillow to jazz up a space.

Fur pillow is from Target.

Blue silk and place mat pillow from World Market.

A girl and her room can never have too many pillows ;)

xoxox Susie


  1. The lime green ruffle is adorable! I also love the frayed edges, looks great!

  2. LOVE ALL!
    And the title is perfect . . .

  3. I love the lime ruffles....way cute! My daughter would love the lime ruffles and the fur pillow!


  4. Susie, I love this color combo. You and Melissa make a great team! I know the room is gorgeous!!

  5. We love a good fur pillow too. We have one in our library and just love it! Hope you're having a great start to the weekend.
    xo E + J

  6. So cute! I've wanted to add some ruffles to things around make it look so easy! :)

  7. Lime green. Now you are talking my color. Love the combo with that beautiful indigo blue. Love the raw edge ruffles.

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