The 70's are callin'

The 70's are calling.

They want their bed back! LOL

Last weekend Jesse, our oldest, moved out.

He makes this our second child to leave the nest.

It's Hard.

So after a week of letting it settle in that I now only have one child left at home...

I began operation take down.

He went from the crib straight to a water bed.

No worries though, this kid never slept.


I tried every book on the market...nada.

Fast forward 21 years and he is now living on river front property.

Thanks Dad.

So I'm left with a 70's water bed... ha!

Guess who is moving into his room?


Guess what I'm doing this weekend?


to be continued...

PS.. hang on to those babies and love em' even the non sleepers.

Before you know it...Bam!

Your house is almost empty.

xoxox Susie


  1. You seem to be handling it all with such grace. My oldest {16} drove to a b-day party in a town 20 minutes away and I've been praying all evening! Excited to see this room transformation.

  2. That bed looks exactly like a water bed we used to have. :) Non-sleepers are usually creative people. I will pray for your son's next season in life (and yours!)

  3. Our kids have been gone so long that it would be VERY uncomfortable to have them home now. We transitioned into a childless house immediately and LOVED it! My husband is the one who's waterbed I had to get rid of... ugh.

  4. They do grow up so fast. My daughter is 14 and it just seems like yesterday I was taking her to her first day of preschool.

    I can't wait to see how you decorated the room!

    Have a great day!

  5. I love this post! I am at the same stage. My son, (who never sleeps), just started college last fall. He didn't have a waterbed, but a flithy room. So, a week after he was gone, I got out the cleaning bucket, paint and gave myself another "pretty" bedroom.

  6. Oh how I miss my waterbed! Seeing that just brings back great memories. Waterbeds are perfect to sleep on when you are pregnant. Oh so long ago. I think boys just aren't nappers, it seems to be a common thread when I hear moms talk about their sons. It is hard to let them go, but it is a time to let them flourish and in the process us moms do too.

  7. Can't wait to see it all girled up...

  8. As my daughter prepares for her wedding and our oldest son prepares for college I find myself wondering where the years went?! Time flies..I can't wait to see the new "girl" room!

  9. That bed is priceless! I used to love sleeping on one! I've got a non-sleeper too that still gets me up at least once a night and he's 8. I know some day he'll be on his own, and I'll get a full night's sleep, but until then, I'll make it. Can't wait to see what you do with that room!

  10. Cannot wait to see the tranformation of that room! How fun.

  11. It is hard when they leave...mine have both been gone a few years now and I love when they come visit. They never stay long enough though...


  12. AAWWW...I have an 8 month non-sleeper, a 3yr wakert upper and a 5yr bed wetter:-(. Haven't got to sleep through the night in years! Thanks for the reminder of how soon it passes. Going to love them to pieces. Good luck on your room redo!

  13. Okay, this post made me tear up. My son will be 15 in May--where did the time go?!

    Can't wait to see what you do with the room!

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