Fun Fabric Carrot DIY

Can you tell I love spring?

My sister invited a group of us girls to her "camp".

Guess who wants to do crafts?

So I thought I would try out a few first.

Feedback please!

Step one...fabric

I went for one "formal" and one "funky"

Just had to add this....silly girl!

I made a brown paper pattern.

easy sewing here...don't be afraid

Leave the top open for stuffing.
I filled mine with the white fluffy stuff.
Then I stuck a piece of greenery in the top and hand stitched her closed.

For my "formal" carrots I went with a solid ivory bow.

I was just sticking it here to snap a few and fell in love.

So on the plates they will stay!

Now for the "funky" bunch...LOL

I played around with these guys ...

moving them here n there.

I love these magnet clips!

They allow you to add them to your metal door.

How about adding this bunch to your trash can?

So where are these guys hanging out now?

On a bright white door.

Love how the color just pops here!

So you think the girls would enjoy making these at the "camp" ?

xoxox Susie

DIY Paper Flower Eggs

I made a promise to myself to plan get togethers.

Fun craft days with my girls.

And I did it!

I found a little inspiration here.

So we started with brown paper eggs from Hobby Lobby.

Other DIYs use foam but the only ones I could find were $$$.

It's best to base coat them first.
This way if any egg shows through the brown won't show.

A flower punch from Michaels.

I found using a lighter and darker paper worked best for me.
I used scrapbook paper and card stock.

These pins came from Wal Mart.
They come 100 to a pack and that's just what it will take to fill a large egg.

So you will need 200 flowers punched to make one large egg.

I thought we would never finish punchin' LOL.

The paper eggs require muscles to push the pins through.

This is where foam would work best...but you know $$$

So I muscled up and wore leather gloves..ha!

Let the fun begin!

I curved the top flower up a bit. Pretty Pretty

You don't have to stick with solid colors.

Plaid is adorable!

Kaylee made some extra just for me. love her!

We had so much fun!!

Did I mention the food?

I think that is always one of the best & fellowship!

I left my OCD in the other room and just enjoyed the day.

Brittany made some for her classroom.

She teaches 3rd grade Math.

Missy will put hers on her foyer table.

Maddy....well ..she is still working on hers ;)

Shelby was the creative one with all of her neat colors.

Here is a small one that Kaylee made. love the blue

I'm not sure just where mine will go.

For now they are resting on some Hobby Lobby grass.

The best part of this!

We already have another planned!

Wish my house was big enough for all of you to join in.

Talk about a fun party ;)

xoxox Susie

Inspiring DIY

Every now and then I take a few "me" moments and browse Etsy.

I came across this DIY that they were sharing.

Is it not adorable!!!!

The beautiful brain behind this precious topiary is Brittany Jepsen.

Living in Denmark, she creates , designs and sells kitchen accessories.

Here are the few things you will need to create this sweet treat.

You can check her step by step DIY here.

I love DIYs where you can make them your own.

Change em up to fit your needs and wants.

I'm thinking maybe a cute rabbit to fill the center.

If you would do a change a rama what would it be?

To visit Brittany's Etsy you can go here.

Thank you so very much for the sweet comments and prayers.
Kaylee's swelling has gone down and redness has lessened.
Thank you Lord!

xoxox Susie

Favor needed

No pictures today and trust me, you will thank me later. My daughter Kaylee woke Sunday with a bite on the back of her leg. It hurt a little but she kept on going with her daily plans. As the day progressed, her leg started to swell and her muscles started to ache. Monday we found ourselves in the After Hour Care Unit. With it being so early, they were just not sure if it was a spider or staph so they were treating her for both. Two major meds were given and we came home.
      Fast forward to this morning.....we are waiting for the office to open. It's BAD and scary looking. If you would please, could you add her in your prayers. Everyone is coming out of the wood works with their scary stories. Thank goodness our GOD is bigger than their stories!  Also, my sweet friend Kelly is in the hospital with a staph infection too. I know she could really use some prayers as well.

 Thank y'all so very much! I will keep you posted.
xoxo, Susie

A Tween Makeover

Over the weekend we had a lot of beautification going on.

We can start with Maddy's room makeover.

After we found her chair, it made the decorating smooth sailing.

We were able to find some matching goodies along the way.

Like these storage boxes!

Not only did they match her chair but they fit the space perfect.

Her old baskets now hold her shoes in her closet.

She has concrete floors in this room.

They worked perfect for Jesse growing up but Maddy...brrr cold.

So we found this awesome rug.

It's 100% wool and oh so fluffy!

I like how it turns a formal chair and cold floors into an inviting fun space.

We didn't do much with her dresser.  It just worked.

Love when that happens.

We did add a place mat on top to dress it up a bit.

The fun green lamp is from Target.

Maddy wanted different signs for this room but loved the saying from her old one.

So here it is in a new form.

FUN and  whimsey

They took forever to paint. But Fun!

Her chanddie moved rooms too.

That was a must have in her book. LOL

Her curtains are from World Market as well.

They are silk and a bit thin.

I'm thinking about lining them soon.

She is having to get used to the morning sun peeping in.

Thank goodness she has the next three days off from School.

Living so close to New Orleans, our state shuts down for Mardi Gras.

Last Friday her school held a Mardi Gras Ball.

Middle School?...I know right.

We just used it as an excuse to get her hair done and get all dressed up.

What girl doesn't like to play dress up and feel pretty?

They really go all out for these Balls.

Maddy is still too young to "date" but she sure enjoys the dress up part.

She met up with three of her best girl friends and had a Ball...LOL

After the dance we picked the girls up and went to a new steak house in town.

They later ended up having a mini slumber party.

Her Dadddy and I are still having a hard time watching her grow up.

Knowing she is our last, it sure tugs at our heart. BIG TIME.

That's about all we do for Mardi Gras in our house.

I'm finding the parades are just getting too dangerous.

So for the next three days I'm painting and she is attending a horse camp.

What are you up to these days?

xoxox Susie